Pouf with out of order tires

Pouf with out of order tires

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How to make yourself comfortablepouf with out of order tires. Videos and step by step instructions to recycle used tires in a creative way and create comfortable seating for the terrace, balcony or garden.

That oftires outuseit's a big problem. We are still unable to collect anddispose of tiresin an efficient way:
only a few days ago I was in Porto Ercole and during a cleaning of the seabed of the De Angelis pier, more than 100tiresended up in the sea with other waste. A truly sad scene. Yet thetire recyclingcan be a good source of income; come ontires out of useasphalts, linoleum-type floors for gyms, offices, tennis courts, schools, tracks and sports centers can be obtained. In addition, it must be said that when we buy the classic tire change for our car, we buyers pay a contribution of a few euros for the disposal of old tires. The problem seems to be linked to the black market: many tires are imported into our country illegally and therefore marketed "black", without any control and without the redemption of the aforementioned disposal fee. I want to take advantage of this guide on howrecycle used tires to make ottomans and seatsto remind you to always buy tires from a safe supply chain making sure you pay those few euros for the disposal of old used tires.

Pouf with out of order tires

Among the ideas forrecycle used tiresthere is the one that aims to create garden seats and poufs intended to furnish the outdoor space of the house. Before you start with your creative recycling work, make sure you wash your used tires well. If you have a high-pressure washer available, use it to shorten the washing time. By the same principle, they can be exploited tiresto get acoffee tablesfrom outside. If you want to do asmall tableyou do not have to cover the wood panel or you can use a plexiglass element or other solid material you prefer.

To do apouf with out of order tiresyou will need at least 2 old rims to be firmly fixed on each other. To secure them you can use a rope but more wisely insert four bolts with dowels.

For this creative recycling you will need a circular section of wood. The cutting of the wood must be performed paying particular attention to the size of thetires. The dimensions of the wood must coincide perfectly with the outermost part of the central hole of the out of use rubber. This circular element can be lined with foam rubber to make thevery soft poufit's more comfortable. The foam rubber coating must be fixed to the wood with a very sturdy nail gun or wall stapler. Line the wood by fixing it on the lower side, that is the one facing the inside of therubberand therefore not visible from the outside. What do you need to recycle tires and make pouf-type chairs?

  • 2 tires out of use
  • circular wood panel
  • foam rubber
  • fabric
  • gun shoots points
  • bolts
  • brush and paint (optional)

You will need the fabric to line the wooden panel and cover it with foam rubber. As an alternative to the foam rubber to be covered with fabric, you can use a plastic tablecloth (of those used to protect the table), but in this case the poufobtained will be harder and more uncomfortable.

First secure the two tires to each other with bolts. Cover the wooden panel with foam rubber and cover it with a fabric cover chosen according to your taste. If the poufit will be exposed to atmospheric agents (rain, wind, humidity ...), use a waterproof fabric or PVC covering. Place the well-lined circular wooden panel in the top hole of the first tire. You can leave the car tires natural or color them with paints for plastic material. For a faded effect, do not paint the tires with the brush but use a sponge and lightly dab the paint along the entire surface.

Recycle tires, other ideas
As an alternative to the outdoor pouf you can make a coffee table following the same instructions or with some variations. You can buy Ikea table feet to be fixed to the rubber and completely cover the entire tire to adapt it to indoor environments.

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