Encapsulation of an Eternit Asbestos Cement roof

Encapsulation of an Eternit Asbestos Cement roof

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Encapsulation of an asbestos cement roof, a technical intervention that sounds distant and for experts in the sector. Which concerns others. Instead, it concerns everyone, because asbestos does not only harm its owner, and because it is good to know how to act and orient yourself in the face of presence of Eternit in a large and small artifact that is. Ours or the neighbor's.

Fortunately, we don't have to get by on our own but there are specialized companies that, in addition to getting their hands on it, also take the trouble to accompany us in the legislative and technical maze. Between one and the other, it is better to find a good guide. The Sicilian Dgeco it is and is also registered in the lists of critical consumption of Addio Pizzo.

Encapsulation of an asbestos cement roof (Eternit): what it is

If of encapsulation of an asbestos cement roof we have to talk, we begin to understand in practice what this intervention consists of. This is a possibility that we can consider in the presence of asbestos in an artifact, to avoid removal surgery. It is not always a viable route, only when the damage does not exceed 10% of the total surface of the building in question.

Usually theencapsulation of an asbestos cement roof it is recommended for the roofing of industrial warehouses or in any case when dealing with large dimensions: it saves us the very low cost of creating a new replacement roof. In the case of smaller artifacts, it is better each time to evaluate how much economically, encapsulation is convenient compared to doing everything from scratch.

By law theencapsulation of an asbestos cement roof it must be made with several cycles, each one must leave a protective layer of a different color. This makes it possible to easily identify even after time, if cracks or flaking have been created in a certain layer of theencapsulation of an asbestos cement roof.

Taking a step back, a few words about the paint used which must be covering, that is, able to incorporate and block the asbestos fibers on the surface and prevent its release into the environment by forming a sort of protective membrane. In addition to blocking the fibers, it protects the cover from the action of atmospheric agents.

How to recognize an asbestos cement chimney (eternit)

With the help of a video - the images often say more than many phrases - our DGeco "guide" specialized in asbestos remediation, after a lot of theory, gets into practice and shows some of the most common types of asbestos cement flues . It is often found in buildings for civil and productive use. With our eyes we can see that an asbestos cement flue can have various sizes and heights, the surface, however, always looks like a smooth concrete, tending to light gray. Another constraint in the universe of types of asbestos cement flue pipes is that of the section: it is either circular or quadrangular. In the second case, we find a double chamber: the pipes contain another flue in asbestos cement inside.

Encapsulation of a cover in Eternit: the experience of DGECO

Based in Palermo, Dgeco is active and proactive in the sector that concerns asbestos remediation, removal, disposal. In addition to being in Addio Pizzo, DGeco is registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers in various categories: in that (Category 1F) for the collection and transport of bulky waste, non-hazardous and hazardous special waste. And then to the category relating to remediation of materials containing asbestos. This is where ours fits in encapsulation of an asbestos cement roof.

Dgeco is in fact qualified, and very practical, in the disposal of asbestos cement roofing on large, medium and small surfaces, water tanks, flues, downspouts, drain columns and other products made of asbestos cement.
Given the company and its maximum reliability ... let's trust and take advantage of it.

Yes, in all honesty, consulting the guides to find your way around requirements for asbestos remediation which makes available to those of us as well as reading and learning, must also provide. Dgeco dedicate one section on Asbestos Incentives, with the Guides for choosing tax subsidies, and a more varied one - that of the Faq, with all the questions we can imagine we want to ask.

Asbestos: preliminary assessment

Note the health risks deriving from asbestos, known by now in these lines, theencapsulation of an asbestos cement roof, we also acknowledge that in Italy the number 257 of 1992 applies to this issue. It is the law that banned products containing asbestos: it prohibits the extraction, import, marketing and production of asbestos and products containing asbestos.

But there is one thing: this Asbestos Cement, or Eternit if you prefer, and which is not good at all, is still around today. In tanks, flues, for example, or in pipes and covers, in fact, dating back to the pre-257 period. It is therefore good to make a preliminary assessment to understand our situation if we own products containing asbestos.

There are three possible outcomes of the preliminary assessment why there are three types of products containing asbestos. If we are in the presence of intact, undamaged materials, remediation is not necessary, just proceed with checks and carry out careful maintenance so that they continue not to be damaged. Six the materials are intact but susceptible to damage it becomes mandatory to take specific action to prevent a breakdown from occurring. Finally, i damaged materials: if so, unavoidable and necessary to carry out the remediation.

Remediation techniques of asbestos cement materials

Three, also in this case, is the number of possibilities we have. This time it is a matter of choosing what to do, once the outcome of the preliminary assessment has been obtained. To carry out the remediation of asbestos cement materials you can proceed with its removal, confinement or "our" already illustrated encapsulation.

Only companies registered in the Register of Environmental Managers, such as Dgeco, can carry out the remediation, the legislation unequivocally establishes it and in the same way puts a voice on the criteria and steps to carry out the necessary and required remediation. It starts with the delivery to the ASP of a Work Plan or a Notification by the company, it also takes the communication of the beginning and end of the remediation operations, attaching the Waste Identification Form (FIR) in order to ensure that it disposal is carried out in an authorized facility.

Dgeco it helps us to orient ourselves, also on its website, between the different forms of economic support that the Government has put in place for those who have to remove asbestos. Here too, there are three main ways: the non-repayable contributions of the ISI Inail call, intended for improvement of safety in the workplace, the tax credit for companies and tax incentives for home renovations, dedicated to citizens. There is something for everyone, or almost: it is worth taking an interest by counting on a reality prepared like Dgeco to find our way. Asbestos free.

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