Violet violet, uses in the kitchen

Violet violet, uses in the kitchen

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Violet violet, uses in the kitchen. Violet violets, wild violet or wild violet are many names that identify the speciesviolet odorata. Here is a lot of information on uses in the kitchen and how to recognize the edible plant.

It is among the most sought after spontaneous edible herbs because it is beautiful, fragrant and also tasty! Violet violets, botanically known asviolet odoratait is not the only edible violet: all the indications on this page can be applied to pansy or viola pansé (viola and various hybrids), viola ticular (viola tricolor) and other varieties of viola. The only recommendation: for use in the kitchen, collect them in places far from urban areas or gardens, in the paragraph dedicated to violet violets, uses in the kitchen we will explain why.

Violet violet

Therecultivationof theviolet violetsit is very widespread especially for ornamental purposes. This small herbaceous perennial plant, reaches a height of 10-15 cm, has heart-shaped or oval leaves and fragrant flowers that appear at the end of winter. Violet leaves and flowers are edible. Violet is popular for its therapeutic properties as well as its beauty. The roots have emetic properties while the infusions based on flowers have expectorant properties. The leaves can be useful for those with a lazy intestine or, eaten cooked and in good quantities, for those with constipation problems.

There violet violets, uses in the kitchen

Thereviolet violets, as well as allviolets, provide edible leaves for use in mixed salads, soups or as cooked vegetables. The only recommendation: never collect the leaves or flowers ofviolet violets(or others violets) cultivated for ornamental purposes: since it was not intended for food use, they have probably been treated with chemical products to enhance the beauty of the flowers!

For use in the kitchen, collect wild violets that grow spontaneously in uncultivated meadows, along the edges of rivers or paths or in clearings in the woods. Therewild violetit grows spontaneously in sufficiently humid places and takes root in different types of soil.

The leaves are harvested in the heart of winter and are used in the kitchen as both raw in salads, and cooked to make omelettes, soups or to flavor vegetable pizzas. The leaves ofviolet violetsthey have a sweetish taste, atypical for a vegetable! If used in soups, the leaves ofviolet violetshave thickening properties.

Like the leaves, the flowers can also be used in the kitchen. and must be collected in winter. Typically, the flowers of wild violet, appear in late winter and anticipate the arrival of spring, however they can be found, albeit more rarely, in the autumn period. In the kitchen, flowers should be used for decorative purposes even if they are edible. The infusion based on violet flowers is quite common. By increasing the infusion time and adding sugar, you can obtain a fragrant syrup to use in the kitchen as a food coloring or to perfume in a natural way and give a touch of color to homemade desserts. The flowers, passed in the blender, can be used to perfume and thicken homemade jams.

Violet violets and other edible herbs

If you are fond of edible herbs, wild plants and wild herbs, I recommend purchasing thePractical Guide to Good Herbs divided into two volumes. In Volume 1 there is an entire chapter devoted toviolet violetswith many recipes and instructions for using violet flowers and leaves in the kitchen. Candied flowers and conservation methods to preserve the beauty of viola flowers. For more information on the contents of the aforementioned manuals and the list of edible herbs treated, I invite you to see the pages:

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