Fighting germs and bacteria in the home

Fighting germs and bacteria in the home

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How to fight germs and bacteria in the home: tips and useful tools to eliminate germs, bacteria, mites and other microorganisms from the home environment. The most effective strategies with minimal effort.

Germs and bacteria can be suspended in the air we breathe at home as well as, undoubtedly, thousands of mites lurk on our sofa or mattress in the bedroom. Thankfully, remedies forfight germs and bacteria in the homehave multiplied: it is important to pay attention to domestic hygiene especially when an allergic, asthmatic or other person with other problems lives in the house.

For eliminate mites of the powder we advise against the use ofbiocides(toxic acaricides, chemicals used as disinfectants for home hygiene) because if on the one hand they solve the problem of mites, on the other they can trigger adverse reactions that vary according to the active ingredient used.

How to fight germs and bacteria in the home

On the mites front, it is possible to buy pillows, pillowcases and mattresses in hypoallergenic and anti-mite material. The anti-mite effect can be assisted with patented lithium battery systems, these devices attach themselves to mattresses and function as a repellent to dust, mites, germs and bacteria. Such devices work by emittingsound waves, harmless to humans but which completely eliminate bacteria, germs and mites within 90 days.

If you used to use carpet beater, today you can rely on the most powerful vacuum cleaners. The specific devices for cleaning mattresses and sofas are equipped with rotating brushes capable of removing mites, dust and other impurities.

Still, there is no shortageUV-C germicidal lampswhich eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, allergens andmites of the dust. The UV-C germicidal lamps are very useful because they not only eliminate the mites, germs and bacteria present but carry out a preventive action, avoiding their short-term storage.

With the devices listed above we canfight germs and bacteriafrom the surfaces of the house such as mattresses, sofas, carpets, upholstery…. but how do we do for those microorganisms suspended in the air we breathe? In this context, we can rely on forced ventilation systems with integrated filters or the cheapest air purifiers.

To learn more about controlled ventilation systems with integrated air filtration, please refer to the article dedicated toVentilation with heat recovery. Both controlled ventilation systems and air purifiers play a crucial role when it comes toindoor pollution. Furthermore, there are somehumidifierswith system ofventilationthat manage to kill 99% ofbacteriapresent in the air of the house.

In fact, forpurify the air you don't need to be alone eliminate germs and bacteria in the house. To breathe clean air, the levels of chemical pollution associated with the detergents we use for household cleaning, the products we use in cosmetics (perfumes, lotions, creams), body care (deodorants, soaps ...) and our furniture (formaldehyde, paints, excessively treated wood ...). Humidifiers with purification and ventilation systems can also be useful in this situation.

For completeness we point out some specific products on the market. Based on the guarantees offered by manufacturers and on the experiences of those who have already tried these devices, we have selected the models with the best value for money.

Dyson AM10 humidifier
This device projects a nebulized jet into the home atmosphere. The jet is 99.9% purified and therefore free from bacteria or other microorganisms. It is quiet and people with asthma or allergic rhinitis were able to benefit from using the device after 24 hours. The price is 445 euros but on Amazon it is offered at the promo price of 399 euros.

The other devices to purify the air efight germs and bacteria in the homeare available on the pageAir purifiers for rooms.

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