SharPei: the dog with wrinkles

SharPei: the dog with wrinkles

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SharPei, a dog breed coming from China, a country that gives the world a dog recognized by the FCI and famous for its particular character, suitable for those looking for a affectionate and playful animal and for his coat with wrinkles.

Officially it belongs to the same group as the Pinscher, Shnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Cattle Dogs but SharPei is a dog to tell. And it deserves a page in itself, for its appearance and its character.

Even the name already, "SharPei", makes us understand: it means "sand skin", from two Chinese ideograms, shu which means "sand" and pei which means "skin". Sand can then be understood as color, of the hair, or as texture. Either way, it's all true, it is SharPei it has a skin that recalls the texture of sand, just look at it and caress it against the grain.

SharPei: origins

China is the place of origin of the breed of SharPei which has had a very slow evolution but has come down to our days and also quite smart. Not a small feat considering that the first traces of SharPei they have occurred in China since the beginning of the 2000s BC, as an evolution of molosses that came to China from the Tibetan plateaus.

In some paintings of the Han dynasty, from 206 BC. At 220, it still appears SharPei which in those years mainly populated the Chinese provinces bordering the South China Sea. The breed evolved in southern China, in Guangdong, sharing their canine daily life with the human one of the peasants, helping her in the guard and, only later, for the fights between dogs.

It was not an easy life that of SharPei, but he also managed to save himself from world wars by avoiding extinction thanks to selection operations implemented a Hong Kong. Thanks to the insistence of groups of American dog lovers, the SharPei gained its visibility, the useful one so as not to be forgotten, and obtained official status at the International Federation, initially hesitant. Today this wrinkled Chinese dog is bred throughout Europe. turns out well bred also in Italy, also.

SharPei: puppies

It makes a little sense to see puppies covered with wrinkles at such a young age when the wrinkles for us are "old" and yet SharPei it shows like this. Over time, puppy after puppy, he turned out to be a fashion dog, for display, to exhibit, less and less inclined to act as a watchdog once you know the flashes and the attention on you, in certain sectors.

When breeding a SharPei puppy it is good to pay attention to some serious genetic diseases for which it is predisposed: the hip dysplasia, for example, or of the knee. And renal amilloidosis. If there are puppies that suffer from it, nothing against them but it is necessary to signal their presence and not to make them mate.

Ailments aside, what the puppies of SharPei they must be immediately aware of the strengths on which to leverage: small size and fine coat. This is what makes the Chinese dog with folds an excellent companion.

SharPei: appearance and wrinkles

Medium in size, stocky, compact, responsive, solid and square. So it looks like SharPeithis dog, unmistakable protagonist for his mass of folds and wrinkles which spreads throughout his body. The sunken eye is a second characteristic of the breed known for the strong presence of wrinkles. Both are now linked to the breed of SharpPei that shows them proud, like them or not.

The snout of the SharPei it is large and has an interrogative expression, underlined by the nose, black and important, and by the ears, as per standard, small. The eyes of the SharPei, almond-shaped and deeply sunken in the eye sockets, they are typical, but vary in color together with the color of the hair.

There are those who associate the appearance of SharpPei, from the muzzle to the body, to that of a hippopotamus. Helps the short hair, very hard, which can be solid black, tan or cream. However, the large amount of skin remains, hippopotamus or not, the characteristic that makes the breed unique.

SharPei: character

With the wisdom of those who have crossed not only miles but centuries, it SharPei he has made a peaceful and serene journey. As a dog, he shows great strength, and not just physical. The thing is explained with the origins of the SharPei who draw on the sphere of fighting dogs.

The SharPei he knows how to defend himself very well from other dogs and loves spending time outdoors. Also for his physical form, as well as for his psychic well-being, it is SharPei he needs to practice a lot of movement. It must be able to oxygenate its skin, to be cleaned more than weekly, even in the folds, being often almost physiologically subject to inflammations rather annoying.

SharPei white

This dog with the white color has little to do. Traces of white are also not allowed for this dog in which, however, there are parts lighter than the others, which may appear on the extremities. The lower part of the tail and the back of the thighs are generally lighter, for example, in the puppies told by the many books inspired by the SharPei who, with utmost prudence, try to become a singer of the race. The SharPei white it remains a desire, a dream, perhaps a legend. Certainly not a standard.

American SharPei

Of the Chinese Sharpei there is an American version. A rare opportunity, since it often happens that a Chinese copy is born from an American "original". The American SharPei, unbeknownst to him, it was born very recently, because Americans often show they want to do more ”.

With the SharpPei, obvious, we talk about "more wrinkles". Exaggeration of an exaggeration. Beautiful and particular, it certainly is American SharPei, but it must be followed with care and attention because the many wrinkles can lead to hygiene problems and infections.

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