Pack of wolves playing

Pack of wolves playing

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Pack of wolves playing, or they do something else: it sounds like something bad, and it is precisely with this intent that the image of a group of quadrupeds is often evoked without knowing what is behind it. And what's inside: have you ever wondered what happens in a pack of wolves playing? We see it in a very exciting video, capable of giving us another point of view than the pre-packaged one that has often been proposed to us so far.

Certainly it is not the first question that is faced, that of the logic that reigns in a pack of wolves playing, yet investigating, I found that this too can teach you to watch human relationships in a green key. Natural, without preservatives and conservatism.

Herd of wolves

Within a pack of wolves playing there is always a dominant couple, called alpha, which commands everyone, immediately below, at a hierarchical level, we have a wolf or a beta couple, quite important despite not having empires, and who directs medium-level wolves. The beta and the mid-level adults obviously have the better of what is the low rank made up of specimens called omegas.

In a pack of wolves playing there are no social lifts and they are not provided for classes at the extreme end of the hierarchical ranking. An alpha is an alpha, an omega wolf remains omega, for generations and generations. In the middle class, i "bourgeois" wolves they can instead hope in life for a promotion, if they move well within their pack of wolves playing. There is a social dynamic between included betas and excluded omegas that is almost the envy of us humans. At times.

From this class mechanism, rather cynical but not far from what we witness in any company or even condominium reality, at times, the puppies of a pack of wolves playing, until their sexual maturity. Females are not excluded but have ad hoc rules, and not very advantageous: they are always in second position with respect to the male of the same rank.

Observing a pack of wolves playing the dominants are recognized because with the head and tail high and the ears carried straight. They are those specimens to which everyone licks the snout, remaining obedient with lower head, tail and ears. The omega wolf, then, is really bad: he plays the game, catalyzes bad moods and endures.

Despite the conflicts and cruelties that go on stage in a pack of wolves playing, this "social system" is confirmed as fundamental to ensure successful hunt, but not only. For the survival of the species. The "famous" lone wolf, in fact, does not exist, and if it exists, it is short-lived.

Herd of lumore playing: video

In this beautiful video we can see almost how live what happens in a pack of wolves playing. I say this also for the emotional participation of those who shot it, which gives an extra touch to the clip.

The images demonstrate without too much rhetoric that man is not the only one capable of living in a perfect social mechanism. So just give one derogatory meaning to the "herd", that is a pack of wolves playing or something else. It is, by definition, a multitude that becomes unity to protect each of its members. It is a sort of family where everyone assumes dignity precisely because they belong to you.

Click here to watch the video.

Wolves in Italy

The situation of the wolves in Italy the latest data, 2015, provided by ISPRA, shows a positive trend that suggests the image of a pack of wolves playing with joy. The study conducted speaks of a number between 1,269 and 1,800 wolves in the period 2009-2013, of which about 57-89 wolves in the Alps, 1,037-1381 in the central-northern Apennines and 175-330 in the southern Apennines.

I talked about a positive trend because in the past few years the estimated number of specimens was almost half: between 600 and 800 in total in the country between 2006 and 2011. The region with the most wolves appears to be Tuscany, Wolves not reached in Sicily and Sardinia, is however in Abruzzo, exactly del Abruzzo National Park, that we can, however, hope for a tete à tete with a wolf. Meet a pack of wolves playing I see it harder but never say never, everyone in the park and let's see if we're lucky.

Wolf Packs - Are They Dangerous?

By dint of talking about the pack of wolves playing I would not have given the idea of ​​a group of totally harmless animals and with only one bad fame. Of course the wolf remains a wild animal and predator so meeting a pack of wolves can obviously be dangerous. That said, the situation in a larger animal context must also be considered. Just look at a wolf "cousin": the stray dog.

Have you ever thought about what I am stray dogs are more dangerous? Yes, and there is also a simple and flawless explanation. Unlike the wolf, the "wild" dog they do not know the hunting process, it does not make sense and does not respect the etiquette like the herd of wolves who know very well how persistence should only take place on a certain number of elements, the weak ones in the food chain.

Between a pack of wolves playing and a pack of stray dogs playing, I don't know what to advise. The fact is that in Italy a wolf has not killed humans for at least 200 years. To be calm, without nightmares, we can always accompany ourselves to a sweet and fluffy one plush wolf. From 30 cm: even if he wanted to, he could not put his paws on our heads.

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