How to paint a wall

How to paint a wall

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How to paint a wall: technique and tips for painting the walls of the house. From the choice of colors to how to use the brush to paint the house.

For the choice of colors, please consult the useful links in the paragraphHow to paint the house. Among the useful links you may need the guide on how to paint the ceiling. On this page we will see how to paint the walls of the house.

Before painting the walls

Before painting the walls of the house, be sure to:

  • - move all the furniture to the center of the rooms to be painted.
  • - Cover the furniture with plastic.
  • - Protect the floor with cardboard rolls. In the case of parquet, protect the floor with a roll of felt.
  • - Protect the skirting boards with cardboard adhesive tape (only for those who are very inexperienced).
  • - Protect the profiles of doors and windows.
  • - Wear a protective suit so as not to damage the clothing.
  • - Cover the power sockets with adhesive tape.

There are other preliminary work to be done beforepainting a wall:

  • - Disassemble paintings, mirrors… and remove any unnecessary nails.
  • - In case of small holes or parts of the wall seriously damaged, help yourself with some putty paste and a spatula to bring the wall level.
  • - Before applying the grout, scratch with sandpaper and remove the dust with a brush. The dust prevents the adhesion of the grout.
  • - In case ofcracks in the wall, use a grout for large cracks.
  • - If the wall has moisture or mold problems, consider using anti-mold paint or specific products to eliminate mold. For further information:eliminate mold from the walls.
  • - If the wall is heavily compromised (problems with moss, rising damp, damaged plaster ...), you can redo the plaster following the guideHow to recover a wall, the article refers to an external wall, but the same instructions can be applied to the walls of the house.

How to paint a wall

Once all the preliminary steps have been taken, “the most is done” and you just have to challenge thebrushand startpaint the walls of the house. If you paint on a white background, you have no problem, however if you have topaint a dark wall(painted in blue, gray or other strong shades) you will need an ultra covering paint.

How much paint to buy?
Appraisehow much paint is needed to paint a house or a wall, it's very simple. Generally, it all depends on the dilutions and the type of paint chosen. To understand how much paint is needed, calculate the total square meters of the walls fromto paint, including the ceiling. With a liter ofstandard water-based paintyes more paint, on average, 9 - 11 square meters.

To paint the wall you can use a large brush or roller.

The paint should be spread in strips of about one meter and slightly overlapping. Forpaint the walls, spread the paint first vertically (the movement of the brush or roller must go from top to bottom) and then horizontally and to finish a new light pass vertically. Never stop work before you have finished an entire onewall.

In summary:

  • make a coat of paint vertically
  • pass the paint horizontally
  • make a last and very light coat of paint vertically

The brush movements must go from top to bottom.

How to paint the house

For technical instructions on how to paint the walls of the house or other domestic materials, we refer you to the tutorials:

  • How to paint wood
    Very useful in the home for painting wooden desks, tables and furniture.
  • How to paint metal
    Very useful in the home for painting the balcony railing and metal knobs.
  • How to paint the radiator
    Very useful in the home for painting radiators.
  • How to paint the ceiling
    To read to complete the work and paint the walls of the house.
  • How to paint the bedroom
    Useful for choosing the right colors to paint the walls from the bedroom.

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