How to build a wind turbine

How to build a wind turbine

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Today we will see how build a wind turbine that can produce enough current to keep a lantern running. The model we will build can produce up to 4 volts of current, that is the equivalent of a battery "torch“.

By modifying some parts of the model it is possible to obtain a higher current output. Obviously the turbine that will be built with the guide that we will show you will not be the one represented in the photo but it can power a light bulb in your garden! What do you need for build a wind turbine?

  • 1 transparent plastic bottle, 1.5 l
  • 1 wooden or plywood base 14cm x 25cm, 2cm thick. (If there is a carpentry, a storage or a shipyard nearby, the wooden base can be very easily recovered from the scraps)
  • 120 m of magnetic enameled wire, 28 gauge
  • 4 magnets of about 2-2.5 cm
  • from 80 to 100 cm of a square wooden rod: 2 pieces of 30 cm length and 1 piece of 20 cm (uprights)
  • 1 6mm round wooden pin, 30cm long
  • 1 LED 5mm
  • 4 washers of 3 cm in diameter
  • 1 x 25mm Wood Screw
  • 1 corrugated cardboard 60cm x 20cm (recoverable from canned goods)
  • 6 wooden supports of 3cm each side cut at 45 °
  • insulating tape
  • white glue
  • hot glue gun
  • pencil sharpener
  • screwdriver
  • line
  • compass
  • pliers
  • scissors
  • sand paper
  • digital voltmeter

The plastic bottle will become the propeller of yours wind turbine. With the wooden rod you will connect the turbine to the rotor. The rotor will consist of the cardboard anchored to which the washers and magnets will go. The magnets must all be facing the same pole. To make sure of the polarity of your magnets rotor you can use any compass. With pliers, glue and electrical tape, you will need to make sure that everything is securely attached to the base. The entire procedure for build a wind turbine has been described in detail by Ecosustainable Center of the Province of East Rome (CEPRE). The Roman Eco-Sustainable Center has made available a guide that we attach in pdf format.

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