Beneficial effects of yoga

Beneficial effects of yoga

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Beneficial effects of yoga scientifically proven. All the mental and physical benefits for those who decide to practice yoga.

Yoga, benefits: some recent scientific research has proven the effects benefits of yoga on the body and mind. In this article you will find out what are the benefits associated with the ancient practice of yoga.

Yoga, what is it?

The term yoga in Sanskrit it literally means "union", meeting of all the parties. Nowadays, especially in the Western world, spirituality is really considered marginally (or not considered at all). In recent decades, even the spirit seems to have found a minimum of importance and practices such as it have spread yoga.

The purpose of this discipline is to bring all spheres of existence into balance, therefore:
• Body;
• Spirit;
• Mind.

Yoga helps you to know yourself, to find your own physical and psychological well-being. We are used to considering mind and body as two distinct and separate things, in reality they are a mirror of the other.

Beneficial effects of yoga, scientific research

There have been several studies according to which the beneficial effects of yoga they are real and proven. In the next paragraph we report a research concerning the benefits of yoga on the human psyche.

Yoga: Psychological and mental benefits

Scholars at Duke University Medical Center have done over 100 researches on yoga to understand its benefits. Scientists have focused in particular on 16 studies to evaluate the effects that this discipline can have on some mental disorders.

The results of the study confirmed numerous benefits on various pathologies such as: depression, schizophrenia, hyperactivity syndrome, attention deficit, sleep disorders. The psychiatry professor, head of the study, Dr. Murali Doraiswamy, said that the results of scientific research supporting the benefits of practicing yoga are positive and very promising.

Yoga benefits for the body and the spirit

To practise yoga it helps a lot both the mind and the body. Let's find out in detail what are the benefits associated with this ancient and fascinating practice.

Yoga: physical benefits

It is not said that only flower children or people who are not very sporty attend yoga classes, quite the contrary! Yoga greatly helps athletes to improve physical performance during a performance. In fact, it seems that thanks to certain figures (positions) taken during yoga sessions (such as the so-called "Asana") benefits are obtained on the entire muscular system.

The fibers of the body stretch, improving joint flexibility and mobility. The internal organs also relax, improves digestion, circulation and the functioning of the kidneys and liver.

Yoga: Benefits for Healing Back Pain

By acting on the muscle structure and giving it greater flexibility, yoga helps a lot to fight bone pain, especially back pain. People who practice yoga acquire greater awareness of their body by being able to relax their muscles, in this way it is possible to reduce pain and the excessive use of drug treatments.

Yoga: sexual benefits

By acting on the muscular system, yoga also improves the sexual performance of those who practice it! In fact, people who do yoga learn to perceive, and above all to control, sensations and physical stimuli. Positive feedback applies to both genders. In fact, it seems that men who practice yoga are able to enjoy much longer-lasting sexual performance and that women are able to reach orgasm in a more controlled manner. In short, a discipline to be re-evaluated also for these benefits between the sheets!

Beneficial effects of yoga against stress

As anticipated, those who practice it yoga he is looking for balance and harmony with himself and with the outside world. Through this discipline one learns to breathe correctly. In fact, most people cannot breathe well or at least cannot breathe completely. By taking advantage of certain positions and breathing exercises, it is possible to produce a sort of internal massage that has benefits on the organs of the whole body. Once these breathing techniques have been acquired, it is possible to use them at any time, to manage the problems of insomnia, anxiety ... In fact, muscle relaxation also generates psychological relaxation, the mind that is more serene, freer.

After how long it is possible to enjoy the beneficial effects of yoga?

As with any discipline, a few sessions are not enough to get to know it and make the most of it. THE benefits of yoga they are felt after months of practice and above all constancy. At first everything will seem almost the same then slowly, you learn to apply what has been assimilated in daily life ... the results will amaze even the most skeptical!

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