Broholmer: character and breeding

Broholmer: character and breeding

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Broholmer, a large and peaceful dog, born in Denmark and very rare to meet in Italy. It is a breed belonging to the group of Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Cattle Dogs, a male specimen it can weigh up to 70 kg, he was born for hunting but he also knows how to guard. Without a doubt he keeps company, but you need a space to keep him and time to bring him constantly to stretch his 4 muscular limbs.

Broholmer: origins

Since the Middle Ages we can hear about Broholmer, theirs is a rather ancient breed that derives from the Molossers bred and selected at that time, and for centuries it has been used mainly for hunting purposes. The specialty of Broholmer it was undoubtedly the wild deer, to be pursued and blocked.

The discovery of his talent as a watchdog also dates back several years, but from then on the Broholmer it was placed to protect houses and land. Just seeing it, in all its massive power, actually a thief is not much encouraged to land a hit.

It was a noble who put his head on the race seriously, we are in the eighteenth century and the noble is the Count Sehested of Broholm. He selected and cared for the breed of Broholmer which is named in his honor. To the count we owe this quiet and massive Danish dog that after his intervention has finally begun to spread, at least in his homeland.

Too bad then the war arrived: after the first and second world wars, the race, already a niche, was there to die out. It resisted with very few surviving specimens, until 1975. Then salvation: certainly today the Broholmer he is not the best known dog on the continent, but at least he is not in danger of disappearing. It would be a real shame, I find it a beautiful animal.

We owe everything to a tenacious group of enthusiasts gathered under the name of "company for the reconstitution of the Broholmer”Who managed to reproduce and bring the breed back to a satisfactory number of specimens. At the beginning of the twentieth century it began to cross the Danish border making its way under the name of "Dansk Hund ", Danish dog, in 1982 the official recognition of the International Federation also arrived.

Broholmer: puppies

A Broholmer puppy he is the size of an adult of a medium size, or nearly so, but he is a puppy with a puppy character and enthusiasm. It is not very manageable, mostly because it is unconscious, because in general it is not an agitated animal. We will see then by recounting its character.

The Broholmer is large in size and rather heavy, Dogo type, with a structure that I would define rectangular. A few numbers to get an idea: the height at the withers for males is about 75 cm, for females 70, the weight ranges from 50 to 70 kg, for females, "light" does not go beyond 60Kg. Not bad for a dog. The head, like the rest of the body, is impressive, large and wide, and then the neck, massive, and the chest, very broad and slightly protruding.

When a Broholmer it is at rest, the head is carried very low, tilted towards the ground and the saber-shaped tail remains in a drooping position, everything changes when taking action. The tail stands up and the head also, the whole body assumes vigorous movements, when this dog moves then it has a Regular gait, prefers trot and stride. Both the forelegs and the hind limbs are very robust and turned, in fact.

The muzzle of a dog of this breed is not particularly long but rather large, the stop is not marked and the nose appears voluminous and always black. The lower and upper jaws have equal length in Broholmer, both are very muscular. The ears are small and set high, the eyes very round, they transmit intelligence, whatever color they have when passing from dark brown to dark amber.

The skin, well pigmented and thick, creates folds because it is a little wide, especially on the neck, while the coat is short and dense, with a thick undercoat. The colors allowed by the breed standard are fawn with black mask, red gold and black. You can also find specimens with white markings on the chest, allowed, such as those of the same color on the feet and on the tip of the tail. That of the Broholmer it is not a difficult hair to maintain, just brush it vigorously from time to time, it does not require special treatments.

Broholmer: character

Balanced, very calm and steady, the Broholmer he would also be a perfect dog for an apartment-living family if it weren't for size and mass. However, we cannot fail to recognize him as having a splendid calm disposition. Let's not forget, however, his qualities as a guard dog, as well as a hunting dog: quiet yes, therefore, but vigilant and attentive.

He is not an aggressive dog, just seeing him to understand that it is better not to make him angry, but he is also friendly with people he knows. For this, it remains a family dog ​​anyway, that's enough educate him well and immediately, also because he is very sure of himself so it is important to make him understand that, without detracting from his self-esteem, we are the masters.

If we spend a little time in the company of this big dog we will notice its strong propensity for exploration: it is an animal that loves very much getting to know new places. All the more reason, therefore, we cannot deny him daily walks. Big as it is, it is essential that he does not become obese, moreover, a lot of motion, therefore, being careful not to force the puppies to Broholmer in doing excessive physical exercise: the bones are not fully developed.

Broholmer: farms

The Enci site does not indicate any breeding of Broholmer but it is easy to get to know what today would seem the only breeding that has this breed in our peninsula. We are in the province of Bologna, a Serravalle Castle. Also from the Enci site, the presences of specimens of this breed in Italy are very low. In the last decade, the 10 mark has never been exceeded.

Broholmer: price

To know the price of a Broholmer puppy I recommend contacting the aforementioned breeding directly, as it is the only one to date where you can find a specimen and visit "the native house". A favorite alternative to me is that of go to a kennel but given the numbers, if we are absolutely convinced that we want this breed, it is a bit of a challenge. You can still try to ask, perhaps falling in love with a specimen that resembles it and looking for a master staring at us with sweet eyes.

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