Lakeland Terrier: character and price

Lakeland Terrier: character and price

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Lakeland Terrier, one of the many terriers that Great Britain gives us: he is a muscular and intelligent dog, an excellent hunter but also a polite flatmate. It has a hair to keep well cared for but of which we can freely choose the color, a cute muzzle and a lot of courage in the chest.

Lakeland Terrier: origins

Born many years ago like almost all terriers, this breed received official recognition from the Kennel Club in 1928, the first dedicated Club was founded a few years earlier, again in England, in 1921. The region of origin of our Lakeland Terrier is the one that stretches out on the British island between the regions of Yorkshire, Westmoreland and Cumberland.

It is obvious from the name of the dog that it is a reason rich in lakes, even if on closer inspection, initially instead of Lakeland Terrier the term was used Fell Terrier, which meant "terrier of the hills". Then, from the hills, they went down to the lake: who knows ...

According to the most accredited theory on the origin of this breed, it would have been formed by crossing the Bedlington terrier with some black-and-tan terriers, the characteristics of the latter are noticed from time to time different and not always evident. Instead, the presence of Bedglinton's blood is tangible: it is the hair that in some specimens of Lakeland Terrier appears soft and woolly.

Today this dog is quite well known, also thanks to some famous people who fell in love with it, giving it fame. Also in Italy it is not uncommon to see it around, perhaps it is not easy to the naked eye from experienced seeds, to recognize it from other similar terriers.

Lakeland Terrier: puppies

The puppies of Lakeland Terrier they are quite small since we are in the presence of a medium breed dog. As an adult it does not exceed 37 cm in height, males can weigh up to 7.7 kg, females stop at 6.5 if we keep them in shape avoiding weighing them down with all the consequent damage to health.

The physicist of the Lakeland Terrier it is compact and muscular, balanced both in size and in general harmony. Functional and beautiful, it is suitable for work and is distinguished from other terriers usually by the shape of its head and its particular type of hair.

The muzzle is in fact rather broad and not too elongated, the skull is visibly flat and the jaws powerful, born as a hunter and continuing to be a excellent hunter. It is not a "jaw": it remains a balanced head even with the rest of the body. The chest tends to be reasonably tight, the neck has no trace of dewlap.

For all specimens of Lakeland Terrier the nose must be black, except for those with a liver-colored coat that can also have it in the same color as the hair. The ears are set neither too low nor too high, they are rather small and shaped like a "v" and carried briskly.

This breed has absolutely no almond-shaped eyes, they are instead small and not sunken, dark or with hazelnut shades. As for the tail, in some countries it is amputated, fortunately not in Italy where the Lakeland Terrier it can keep it swaying happily, we will never see it, but positioned above the back or twisted.

Lakeland Terrier: coat

The coat of dogs of this breed is very characteristic and appreciated by both enthusiasts and those who meet this dog on the street. The hair is in fact very dense and hard. It seems made on purpose to almost act as a "coat" e withstand the elements. There is also a good undercoat for the same purpose.

The colors allowed for the Lakeland Terrier they are numerous: black and tan, blue and tan, red, corn, grizzled red, liver, blue or black. Other colors such as mahogany and intense tan are considered non-typical, another unwelcome aspect of the hair is the presence of small white spots on the feet and chest. They are allowed but not desired.

Lakeland Terrier: character

Very brave and tenacious, this dog is one of the most excellent hunters of English origin. He is also intrepid and tireless, two other characteristics that are required and appreciated when going hunting. Even the strong and tenacious bite is a credit to Lakeland Terrier who is also very good at signaling the presence of strangers. In the family, therefore, it can have the double function of an intelligent companion dog and a skilled and balanced guard dog.

Moreover, at home he shows himself polite and clean: he is a serious dog and does not make messes and small revenge, compared to the Fox Terrier he is much more peaceful to keep in the apartment. The Lakeland Terrier he is very fond of his master who remains his supply point, he is an obedient dog who loves to live in direct contact with very active people, he loves taking long walks and if we do not allow them he could suffer a lot.

With your head held high, by character, but fresh air is necessary for such a dog. It would be a shame to sadden someone who usually has a cheerful demeanor, looks at us with an intense and irresistible expression.

Lakeland Terrier: breeding

In Italy on the Enci website we can find the references of 4 farms of Lakeland Terrier officially recognized, three in Lombardy and one in Tuscany. The latter is in the province of Grosseto, the other three a little further north are in the provinces of Varese, Cremona and Brescia.

As for the presence of specimens, on the Italian territory, we cannot complain. Especially in the last period in which the breed has registered an increasing spread and in 2015 it reached 100 specimens registered in Enci.

Lakeland: photos

To try to become familiar with this breed, if we didn't already know it, and to try the challenge of recognizing it from other similar Terriers, such as the Bedglinton Terrier from which it derives, here are some photos.

Lakeland: price

The price of a puppy's Lakeland Terrier it can cost up to a thousand euros. It is by no means a modest price, indeed. Of course, his characteristics as an excellent hunter and psychological balance are paid for. Those who want one must also take into account the fact that as a breed it demands numerous grooming and coat care practices. They too are sometimes expensive.

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