Landseer: character and price

Landseer: character and price

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Landseer, a dog similar to the Newfoundland but that has been able to distinguish itself from the so well known and all black breed, both for its colors and for its character. It comes from Norway, the cold does not scare him, he belongs to the group of Swiss pinscher, schnauzer, molossoid and cattle dogs and in Italy it is not very common today, unlike its all black similar. But if you see a black and white Newfoundland, it's him!

Landseer: origins

The fact that it looks a lot like the well-known all black breed has led many experts to think that the Landseer was the result of a work of selection of a sort of minor and niche variety, a subspecies, in short. This theory did not take hold, it was noted that genetically it would not be possible that none Landseer sooner or later everything was black.

This therefore means that our Norwegian friend has all the dignity and the right to represent a breed of its own in the canine landscape. Sure there physical similarity among the specimens of one and the other race we certainly cannot ignore, and we have nothing against the Newfoundland: it is therefore admitted that most likely there are several ancestors in common but they are the result of completely autonomous evolutions and selections.

The very peculiar name of Landseer is an idea of ​​the painter Edwin who also dedicated a famous painting to the breed. It is difficult, as I said, to meet an example in Italy and in general around the world, unless you visit countries like Norway and Sweden.

Landseer: puppies

Being a large dog, i Landseer puppies they are already robust and tall from an early age, given that as adults according to the official breed standard they must reach a height at the withers which can vary from 72 to 80 cm. This is the goal of young male specimens, females a little less but they are still tall, much more than the average. Other differences between the two sexes within the breed are in the muscular power of the limbs, which are very muscular for males and generally longer and slender than those of Newfoundlands.

THE Landseer I move with a is wide and slightly swaying especially in the front, they have a massive trunk and must be roughly twice the longitudinal dimension of the head in length. The back of this breed is straight, very broad and strong, the shoulders very muscular and the rump should be broad but softened by a powerful cushion of muscles.

It's a nice head that of the Landseer, proportionate to the rest of the body, there are no skin folds and the hair is short almost everywhere on the head, apart from the ears. They are in fact covered with short hair, but they also have long fringes, only on the back of the hairline. On average large and aimed towards the eyes, they have an almost triangular shape and are slightly rounded at the bottom.

The lips and the nose are pigmented with black, the eyes are usually of dark brown color. It may happen that some specimens have them clearer, a characteristic that is tolerated but not appreciated. Beyond the tint, the eyes are large but not too large, quite deep set, almond-shaped, the neck is oval, muscular and absolutely devoid of dewlap.

Landseer: cloak

Black and white, strictly, also to distinguish it from the similar, the hair of the Landseer it is quite long and is one of the characteristics that make the breed peculiar. It is in fact essential to keep it clean, take care of it very consistently so that it does not become a nest for parasites. And the white areas are better if they are white and not "gray areas".
If on the head we have seen that it remains shaved, on the rest of the body the hair appears long and as long as possible smooth, thick, fine to the touch, mixed with the undercoat.

The result is pleasant to the touch as well as to the eye. On the tail it is thick and compact but does not form flag-like tufts. As possible colors for the Landseer we speak of white, the brightest possible, with discontinuous black spots on the trunk and on the rump. If we map the black parts, we notice that the neck, belly, chest, legs and tail in specimens of this breed must be absolutely white, on the contrary the head is black.

A appears on the muzzle symmetrical white spot, not too big, elongated at the ends. Its presence is one of the characteristics that a breeder looks at as a priority while for the inexperienced it remains a spot that makes the muzzle of this already pleasant dog even more sympathetic.

Landseer dog: character

Inevitable again to fall into the temptation to compare the Landseer to Terranova, but once again we find ourselves saying that I am not the same. In terms of character, our black and white Norwegian has a visibly stronger temper. The awareness of having a more robust physique on average also helps him. However, the two breeds have a similar way of use, they are also both very water lovers.

Selected to survive well in the North, the Landseer he is very resistant to low temperatures, cold climates are not a problem for him, indeed, no matter what the weather is, he always likes to take long walks. Of course, better if in the woods and on the shores of the Nordic marine: the views he is used to and genetically fond of.

L'Nature of the Landseer it is austere and reserved: it is not an aggressive dog and neither is it sulky but let's not expect great outbursts of affection or vivacity. But he is faithful, meek, serious and intelligent: a loyal life partner who does not exaggerate with being expansive. However, he loves company and knows how to show his affection to whoever he wants.

Landseer: farms

Not even to hope, given the very low number of specimens present, and instead on our territory Enci reports two farms recognized by him for the Landseer breed. One is located in Emilia Romagna, in the province of Piacenza, the other in Lombardy, in the Pavia area.

Landseer: price

It is not easy to estimate the price of a puppy Landseer given the lack of market. Online there are various prices but also with creative sales conditions that would not always leave me happy. In the farms the figures that run range from 800 euros upwards, if it is about specimens of Landseer explicitly selected to participate in exhibitions and competitions, difficult for them to cost less than a thousand euros.

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