Hotel on the tree, where to stay overnight

Hotel on the tree, where to stay overnight

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Hotel on the treehere is where to sleep in featurestree housesoffered by accommodation facilities in Italy. The best solutions for sleeping in the trees so as to experience this new tourist trend.

Speak abouttree on treeis a bit excessive because the entire structure does not take place on trees: the hole, the reception and the common areas are on the ground floor ... but when it comes to to sleep and to live in your own bedroomhotel, it will be necessaryto climbon a real tree!

Book a room ofhotel on the treeis the dream of many tourists. Spend a vacation in onetree houseseems to have become a real trend, so much so that the accommodation facilities offering this service are increasingly numerous.

The phenomenon is very popular in the rest of the world and has been spreading, for some years, also in Italy. The countries that value the mosttreehouse(tree houses) are those of Northern Europe even if the phenomenon has seen a boom in the United States, in wooded areas and near parks and nature reserves.

Sleeping in a tree house

Ahotel on the treedoes not offer spartan accommodations: onetree housecan also be very luxurious! In Italy there are several accommodations that allow you tosleeping in the trees, hotels and b & bs that offertree housesdesigned by the best architects and as cutting-edge solutions.

Forstay overnight in a tree houseit is necessary to book well in advance: since the choice is limited, especially if your holiday falls in a high season, book well in advance!

Tree hotel in Italy

Who wantsstay on the treecan count on various proposals, located in various regions of Italy. Below are the facilities that allow you to sleep in a tree house.

Tree hotel in Lazio - Central Italy

La Piantata farmhouse
Arlena di Castro, Province of Viterbo
It is among the best known and most spectaculartree housesof Italy. The accommodation offers two accommodations designed (together with the rooms and apartments) by the French architect Alain Laurent.

The twotree roomsthey are placed at a height of 8 meters. In this structure it is possible to stay overnight in a tree house where nothing is missing: heating, comfortable bathroom, four-poster bed ... breakfast isbioand is served in your room.

New Farm Farmhouse
Nettuno, Province of Rome
In this structure it is possible to sleep in a room known asThe nest: a raised structure wrapped in the branches of a centuries-old poplar. The suite is equipped with every comfort, it is designed to give a romantic overnight stay so that a fireworks display is available on request. At the foot of the tree there is a Jacuzzi with chromotherapy.

Tree hotel in Abruzzo - Central Italy

Agriturismo L’aperegina
Corvara, province of Pescara
Theretree houseis placed inGran Sasso National Park.The cottage features basic furnishings and a Japanese-style bed. The house, in spring, is very fragrant: it stands on the skeleton of an old almond tree on which a wisteria tree climbs.

Tree hotel in Piedmont - Northern Italy

Montegrande estate
San Salvatore Monferrato, province of Alessandria
It is a raised structure surrounded by lime trees. The tree house is equipped with various comforts (wi-fi included) and on the ground there is a garden with swimming pool and solarium.

Hotel on the Tree in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Tree Village
Claut, in the province of Pordenone
This in Friuli Venezia Giulia is not a simple onetree house, it is a realvillage in the treesin Alta Valcellina. You sleep intree housesin a forest made up of pine, larch and fir trees. Thetreehouseof the village are suitable for more adventurous spirits: you sleep in the trees but in a sleeping bag!

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