Tosa Inu: character and price

Tosa Inu: character and price

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Tosa Inu, also called Tosa dog, is a breed of Japanese origin belonging to the group of Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Cattle Dogs. The name, and the dog, come from the island of Shikoku, where the city of Tosa is located. For a sort of Japanese protectionism on their dog breeds, the official standard was recognized internationally very late by the F.C.I. in 1982.

Even today the Tosa Inu it is not widespread outside its homeland, indeed, it can be said that it is almost unknown in most of the world. It is difficult to find a copy so if you fall in love with it reading it is trouble. But the risk is there, it's a very interesting dog, with a beautiful character and impressive physique, despite the urban legends and false truths that make it different from the animal it is

Tosa Inu: origin

This breed was born in the Japanese province of Kochi and the intent was linked exclusively to the idea of ​​having a new one winning dog in fighting. Over time, particularly in the period from 1868 to 1912, Japanese breeders began to cross the local breed up to that time used in the ring, with various European breeds.

With the Bulldog, the Bull Terrier, the Mastiff, the St. Bernard Dog and theGreat Dane: all quite massive and impressive in size. In fact, a new breed was obtained, the current one Tosa Inu, with more fighting ability, with greater temper and more resistance than the now ancestor.

Tosa Inu: wait

Classified as Molossoid, morphologically speaking, the Tosa Inu it is an important looking dog. It is undoubtedly large in size and its body expresses dignity, strength and elegance. Very sturdy constitution and strong and vigorous bone structure make it a demanding dog to keep on a leash even if of good natured.

The massive head, with the blunt and square muzzle, has a large and always black nose and has hanging ears, not very large. The eyes of the Tosa Inu they are quite small and usually reddish brown in color, the neck is massive and around the throat you can see a lot of skin that forms a real dewlap.

The Tosa Inu it moves with an energetic and wide step, expresses temperament and strength, but it is always a dog that measures 60 cm at the withers, for males, and weighs at least 38 kg.

Tosa Inu: black

The coat is shiny and short, hard to the touch but not in an annoying way. The typical coat color of a Tosa Inu it is reddish, with warm shades that are enhanced by the fact that the hair remains everywhere or almost very thick. We can also find black specimens of this dog, in fact the colors allowed are more than just reddish which remains the favorite.

On a typical background, white spots may appear first, or the red spots may be on a white background or a red-based shade. And then there are Tosa Inu with black, yellow, black and reddish brown fur and also light streaked fawn.

Tosa Inu: character

The Tosa Inu he is bred and known as a guard, protection, fighting and companion dog. This multitasking of his is linked to the fact that he is an affable, sociable and intelligent dog. In general, he becomes very fond of his master and follows him both if he sits on the sofa and if he goes running: he follows him because he must also protect him. It's a dog very brave but it combines boldness, courage with tenacity and calm.

Those who do not know this dog perceive itsimperturbability,he has a dignified and self-conscious expression, with whom he does not know he is suspicious but not aggressive, he almost never barks unless it is really necessary, in fact it is said that he is a dog that "speaks with the look". He is fine alone, he is not lazy but not too agitated, but when it comes to playing sports, he has extraordinary performances.

Japanese Tosa Inu

The Tosa Inu it is a dog closely linked to the Japanese tradition and its entire history is strongly influenced by it. It was born for combat but when it was a question that concerned popular philosophy and there was a need for a heavy and peaceful dog capable of going down into the arena in a silent and strong, loyal and elegant way. Like in sumo matches.

When the idea of ​​fighting has moved away from ancient philosophy and has become an end in itself, also tying itself to bad practices of criminal organizations, the Tosa Inu as a race it went into crisis. Especially after the Second World War. Fortunately, from that moment a work of recovery began until the fifties when in Japan there were 5 different sizes with 3 different inclinations, more or less sociable or intolerant.

The Tosa Inu is safe. Except but unknown: Japan from a very purist nation that has never really wanted to give up its dogs so it practically kept them on its island until 1972, the first expatriation of specimens of Tosa Inu towards Europe: a pair. Official FCI recognition, as we have said, arrives in 1982: it will be the 260th dog breed.

Tosa Inu: farms

Enci as official kennels of Tosa Inu it indicates only the Lombard one, in the province of Milan, however, if you search online you will find others, always in the same area. Contacting them and visiting them is the best way to understand if they are right for us and what specimens they have available. In Italy in 2015 those registered by Enci were about ten.

Tosa Inu: photo

Since it is so difficult to get to see a Tosa Inu around, we begin to get an idea of ​​it with photos, also considering that its imposing appearance deserves to be admired.

Tosa Inu: price

A Tosa Inu puppy, apart from the fact that it is almost impossible to find, it also costs a lot. We are about 1500 euros, if we turn, as advice to do, to guaranteed and specialized farms. The small dog immediately socializes with other animals, dogs and children, then for life he will be an animal capable of extraordinary affection and sweetness. As a child but also as an adult he is always ready to play but he also knows how to stay calm: this is an ideal breed for those who also love a little independence in dogs.

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