Train and Bike to discover France

Train and Bike to discover France

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Train and bike to discover France enjoying it 10 times more, minimum, e polluting 10 times less: is the proposal of while the bicycle smells of Nobel and the idea of ​​a holiday appears in the minds of many of us. So… allons enfants!

A ton of possibilities are coming, via train, to organize one green holiday in small villages along secondary roads, immersing yourself in nature but in a practical and comfortable way. With the TGV, in fact, already well trained in terms of cycling since transports more than 50,000 bicycles every year. It is time to entrust him with ours as well and reach France by rail where they are waiting for us 2600 km of safe routes and equipped with signs: an inviting intertwining of green streets for bike rides with family or friends.

Our neighbors care about sustainable mobility and “support véloroutes: it is an ambitious project that aims to connect multiple cycle networks between France and the rest of Europe "explains in fact Francesca Aceto, Marketing, Sales and Services Director ofSNCF Voyages ITALIA. Why not take the opportunity to join them? By choosing the ecological and sustainable tourism rewarded by all the advantages that SNCF grants to those who think so.

With just a few clicks it's possible book a TGV ticket - on or via the convenient app directly from your smartphone - by choosing the combination train-bike, Italy-France, which most attracts us. You can take your bike with you on the train, for free and without having to make any reservations, provided that it is either folded and placed in the luggage compartment, or by removing a wheel and then placing it in a special case (maximum size 120 x 90 cm). If you prefer to rent it on site with an effective and structured service, there is also this possibility, thanks to the service Rent a bike by SNCF.

In addition to Milan and from Turin, departures also from Novara is Vercelli, starting from 29 €, always with which, thoughtfully, even after arriving at the station allows us to park our bikes in the dedicated areas, made available by the railway stations. Then he greets us with a piece of advice: stay overnight in guaranteed places "Accueil Vélo", a certification for specific structures that offer services dedicated to cyclists.
The pedal green wave continues well beyond the track layout.

Having said that, it's then up to us to pedal, but we can trust that we will be distracted enough not to feel the fatigue knowing the landscapes that a country like France offers. Among the possible destinations there are two regions that seem shaped from above to be a destination for cycling holidays.

Let's take the Burgundy, for example: its paths between the rows lead us between hills full of vineyards and interesting stops to discover the famous local gastronomy. Even better known and guaranteed success, the Loire Valley. IS' UNESCO World Heritage Site with its unique blend of nature and history, “the river that flows between the castles lends its side to beautiful and pleasant memorable rides to be enjoyed alone or in company as it is full of cycle paths”, Aceto reminds us. This splendor, choosing the train and bike formula for our holidays, it opens up to our eyes in all its 800 km of route among castles, ancient villages and vineyards.

Just two examples that are worth a visit on to discover many others. "France is a predominantly flat country, the mountains, albeit numerous, apart from the Massif Central, are located at the extremes of the country - explains Aceto - this geographical configuration makes the bike tour accessible to all, so everyone can enjoy its landscape heritage , extraordinary artistic and cultural heritage scattered throughout its beautiful regions ".

Those who love big cities, with the train move from center to center and in a few moves are already in the saddle of their vehicle, ready to travel between modern and ancient architectural treasures. Those who prefer to get away from the city rhythm can dedicate themselves to that “mosaic of villages, large and small less known, but which host castles, parks and gardens, churches, canals, rivers, woods and vineyards. All easily reachable by bicycle ”.

Even in terms of performance and physical preparation: no dead ends! “You can decide by sifting through a series of routes suitable for all levels: from beginners to professionals who like to repeat the exploits of the Tour de France or mountain bike champions” ”. It is always Aceto who ensures this by recommending a visit to the website ofFrance Velò en Tourisme where to find the suitable itineraries according to your level and that of your children.

If we are already spoiled for choice, we need to stay updated and expect more from SNCF and of Voyages SNCF, two companies that hold the European leadership in passenger transport and with the same determination maintain a strong commitment to sustainable mobility. "It is part of our DNA”Explains Aceto, also referring to“ further door-to-door solutions for the combination of train travel with other means of transport". But be it by train, and at high speed: "it emits up to 10 times less CO2 than airplanes and allows you to save on a par with car pooling, traveling in total comfort and convenience”.

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