Escolzia Californica: properties and benefits

Escolzia Californica: properties and benefits

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Escolzia Californica, anti-stress and pain reliever, a plant that has long been known and that the American Indians have used for centuries to combat headaches and migraines. It is also called California poppyBesides being useful it is also quite beautiful, it is usually taken in drops, capsules or using the mother tincture.

Escolzia Californica: the grass

It is a plant native to North America the Escolzia Californica and, true to its nickname of California Poppy, it very much resembles the classic poppy. It has a green stem in the true sense of the word, which offers the sky and our eyes a simple flower, with 4 petals. In the early days, and we are talking about centuries and centuries ago, it was grown in California, of course, and also in other American states such as Arizona and Oregon, in Europe, and Also in Italy, landed in the nineteenth century.

The first use we continental ones made of it was limited to aesthetic and ornamental purposes, then gradually we understood its curative value, something that the American Indians always took for granted. The most frequent use associated with Escolzia Californica and that related to its role as a sedative. Bland but natural and effective.

Escolzia Californica: what is it for

Label theEscolzia Californica as an anxiolytic and calming, and that's it, it is terribly unfair because there are numerous fields of application of this plant and, even before that, its therapeutic properties are various. It is used for the treatment of insomnia and states of mild anxiety, it reduces accumulated stress and relaxes the muscles, but not only.

L'Escolzia Californica it is recommended as a natural remedy for the management of overactive intestinal peristalsis. Although these are not serious pathologies, it is always better, indeed, a duty, not to proceed with self-medication but to hear from our doctor before taking theEscolzia Californica.

There are side effects, contraindications and interactions with other drugs that we will see later, which should not be overlooked. This must cause us anxiety, the wild DIY. While being one totally toxic plant, it acts directly on the central nervous system, so you don't mess around, ask the doctor before taking it, in all its forms.

After this sermon, I return to ours Escolzia Californica and its uses. What contains the substances that make it precious is the aerial part, rich in benzylisoquinoline and benzophentridinic alkaloids, responsible for the sedative effect. And then there are the flavonoids: all together, in a single plant that is confused with the poppy, they create a remedy for those with nervous system problems. To the already mentioned calming and relaxing abilities, I must add the anti-spasm, balsamic and antiseptic properties.

Escolzia Californica: properties and benefits

To hire the Escolzia Californica usually the mother tincture or infusion is used. In the case of insomnia, for example, when this problem afflicts us constantly and is not the exploit of a night in which we are extraordinarily worried or agitated. Berberine, protopine and cryptopine they are not three fairies but ... almost. These are the three active ingredients responsible for the sedative effect, they facilitate falling asleep.

Compared to other natural remedies for sleep problems, theEscolzia Californica has the very important advantage of being tolerable by almost everyone and involves an awakening without numbness. Many other plants and drugs make us sleep but then getting up lucid is a business. The sedative properties of the California poppy, are also useful for those suffering from anxiety and stress, states of malaise often associated with muscle tension, neck stiffening and other similar symptoms.

We have mentioned also anti-spasm properties, to be immediately connected to disorders of the digestive and intestinal systems: too much air accumulated in the intestine, irritable bowel syndrome, biliary or gallbladder inflammation are all problems that theEscolzia Californica can help us cope. Finally, it must be admitted that the American Indians who used the California poppy as a pain reliever, especially in case of migraine or toothache, they were not mistaken or confused, this is also a possible use, additional and by no means negligible.

Escolzia Californica: contraindications

As mentioned, no do it yourself withEscolzia Californica, and now let's see some reasons why it is appropriate to consult a doctor before making heavy or moderate use. The intake of this plant is not recommended, for example, to all those hypersensitive to the plant or to remedies that have similar properties.

Surprisingly, allergic reactions also severe, including anaphylactic shock. Even those who use drugs such as antidepressants, anxiolytics and benzodiazepines, or barbiturates, sleeping pills and antispasmodics, it is better for Escolzia Californica to just watch it from afar.

The same goes for antihistamines which often induce sleep. In all the cases mentioned above, the most obvious and intuitive problem is that there is no need to superimpose more substances with similar effects, the consequences are not always the desired ones.

Escolzia Californica: drops

With not even 12 euros we can try the Escolzia Californica in drops, with one pack of 50 ml Natur Notte Body Spring. It is a "spring" supplement with melatonin and escolzia which helps to relax and promotes falling asleep. The recommended doses, to be checked with our doctor, are 1 ml in the evening, half an hour before going to bed, diluted in a little water.

Escolzia Californica: capsules

If we prefer capsules to drops, for convenience or dosage, with 13 euros we can buy one pack of 100. To sleep better, to live less stressed, if the anxiety is not too pathological, or to get rid of a bad headache, as the Indians teach.

Escolzia Californica: seeds

Those who have discovered in the previous paragraphs that they cannot count on this natural remedy, can console themselves and relax anyway by dedicating themselves to its cultivation. And from the very beginning, starting from the seed. Here are 40 to 2 euros from which to expect orange flowers and well-being.

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