Laika from West Siberia: origins, character, appearance and video

Laika from West Siberia: origins, character, appearance and video

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Laika of West Siberia, the most common hunting dog in Russia, not at all cold, hasty when needed to catch prey. It is officially recognized and classified among the spitz type and primitive type dogs, its international name is West Siberian laika, initially lived only with hunters from the north of the Urals and western Siberia and would have been born from the cross between the two varieties of Laika closely related: L. Chanteiska and L. Hanstaka.

Laika of West Siberia: origins

Autochthonous, Russian, hunting, this breed is the result of the selection and cross breeding work carried out by the inhabitants of the forest areas that extend from the Urals to the Western Siberia, devoted to hunting, above all. At the beginning of the twentieth century the first standards of Laika, Vogul (Mansi) and Ostyak (Khanty) were born and in 1947 with a new classification of the Laika breeds, Khanty and Mansi, closely related and virtually identical to the eye of a non-Russian, they ended up reunited in a single race: Laika of West Siberia.

Its current standard was officially approved in 1952. Today this hunting dog is the most widespread in Russia and over time it has made itself known in all the wooded areas of the country, also encroaching on the neighboring areas of other countries.

Laika of West Siberia: character

Lively and balanced, the Laika of West Siberia it does not require special care, it is a very resistant dog and obviously has no problems with low temperatures. By nature, it is a firm, balanced, self-confident animal and alert to strangers.

He can count on a very developed sense of smell and on an innate ability to find wild animals, he has an explicit and marked passion for hunting, whether it be birds or furred animals. This is why the specimens of this breed love to live outdoors, sociable and affectionate with man, however, they also need to be in contact with nature. Evil they would find themselves catapulted into the city.

The Laika of West Siberia it is an energetic and curious dog, it should be remembered that it tends to bark, a habit that it has during hunting but that remains also elsewhere.

Laika of West Siberia: appearance

The Laika of West Siberia is a medium sized dog, is among the largest medium sized hunting dogs, has a solid, strong and clean structure. The body is slightly longer than high, the males are larger than the females and are decidedly more robust, recognizable, between 54 and 60 cm tall at the withers and with a weight of 18-25 kg. In general it is a gifted breed well developed muscles and strong bones, lean physique and alert look.

The skull of a Laika of West Siberia it has the shape similar to that of an isosceles triangle, with a little marked and not very visible stop, the muzzle is long and sharp, ending in a black nose. The neck is dry and very muscular, the eyes appear oval and oblique, always dark in color, while the ears have a high set, pointed ends.

When the Laika of West Siberia keeps them straight. The preferred gait is a shortened trot, with short galloping strokes, keeping the tail tightly curled. The coat of this dog must ensure that it can withstand very low temperatures, snow and wind. Of course there is hair and undercoat. The undercoat is very developed, the top coat is hard and coarse.

The colors allowed are white, salt and pepper, red or gray in all their shades, occasionally you can also meet some black specimens, rare but allowed are the Laika of West Siberia streaked or with plaques in the colors mentioned.

West Siberian Laika: rearing

This rare type of dog so used to the cold and dedicated to hunting is difficult to find in our areas and also difficult to get used to the climate and landscape. Besides the fact that, as a companion dog, at the moment it is not among the most popular.

On line there is a breeding in Italy that keeps this breed, "Zion Creek", of Cesano Maderno, in the province of Milan. It is read that it also holds other breeds such as the Border Collie and the Jack Russell Terrier. For our Laika from West Siberia he specifies that he is a dog “with a dynamic and active lifestyle. The dog prefers life in the open air to that in the apartment. In general it is a very resistant dog that does not require special care ".

Laika of West Siberia: video

This is not an explanatory film, but a fun one that gives an idea of ​​how the Laika of Western Siberia moves easily with the environment of its Russia, with ice, snow and cold.

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