How to paint wood

How to paint wood

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How to paint wood: technique and practical advice for a perfect painting of the wooden elements. From the preparation of the wood to the best varnish.

To get onepaintingtorule of artwe have to prepare thewoodmaking sure to intervene on a homogeneous surface. At this stage it may be essential to use wood putty and it is always useful to use a scraper to scrape off the old paint and sandpaper to make the surface as smooth as possible. The preparation of the wood must take place outdoors and with the appropriate precautions: wear a mask to protect yourself from dust, work gloves and protective goggles.

Preparation of the wood

Beforevarnish the woodit is necessary to prepare it, therefore:

1) Grout
Observe the surface, if there are any chips or cracks, fill them with putty for the wood to be applied with a spatula or with your fingers. Finger application is useful for precision work but remember to wear latex gloves.

2) Sand
Wait for the stucco to solidify (more than 12 hours if you work in a humid environment) and proceed to remove, with a scraper, all the paint raised by the wood. Secondly, sand with 80 grit sandpaper and then with 120 grit sandpaper. The sandpaper should be passed following the grain of the wood.

3) Clean
Clean the wood preferably using a compressed air gun connected to a compressor. Alternatively you can use one or more compressed air spray cans or simply brushes. This work is boring, it is true, but it must be done with the utmost care: in case of residues thepaintit will not adhere to the wood giving you a painful result.

4) White spirit
After removing the dust, finish cleaning by wiping a rag soaked in white spirit on the wooden surface.

These four steps are valid if the already treated wood is very dated. On the contrary, if the treated wood is still intact and the paint does not show any cracks or signs of subsidence, it will be necessary to proceed, as a preliminary step, with the application of apaint stripper. In this context, we invite you to read the articleHow to remove paint from wood.

How to paint wood

Have you finished the 4 steps described? Yup? Then thewoodis ready to bepainted!

If you wore a dust mask at this stage, you will need to wear a solvent inhalation mask in the second stage.

1) Undercoat and brush

Forvarnish the woodyou will need to pass a first coat ofbackground paint. In the case of uneven surfaces, thepaint on the woodit is applied with the enamel brush (classic brush with soft bristles), on the contrary, if the surface is regular you can use a roller or mini-roller brush, much more practical, precise and faster.

In case of grooves and corners, use a brush with a round tip that will allow you to spread the color well.

Always read the paint purchase package to respect drying times. Remember to extend the drying time if you work in a humid environment.

2) How to paint wood to get a natural effect

To obtain a natural effect, leave the veins visible using a transparent wood or pastel varnish.

3) How to paint wood and get a lacquered effect

On the market there are several paints for wood that give the complement a lacquered effect. There is no lack of transparent water-based flatting but to obtain a noteworthy lacquering, we recommend the use of awater-based vitrifying paint. The vitrifying agent, especially if passed generously and in several coats, gives the wood a very shiny appearance.

4) In case of enamel

If you decide to paint the wood with enamel, avoid working outdoors in areas exposed to the sun. Wood enamel is not suitable if the object to be painted must be stored in a closed environment: enamels are harmful and are only recommended if the object to be painted is part of a piece of furniture to be kept in the garden or outdoor environments.

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