DIY bookcase with wooden boxes

DIY bookcase with wooden boxes

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How to build aDIY bookcase with wooden boxesand / orfruit crates: project and step by step instructions for the realization of a wooden bookcase

A work of creative recycling that will give a touch of sustainability to the furnishings of your home.

Thanks tocreative recyclingit is possible to make DIY sofas, wooden bookcases, garden tables and many other furnishing accessories. On this page we will see how to recycle a wooden box, of those commonly used to contain fruit and vegetables.

The wooden boxes they can be easily found at fruit and vegetable retailers (greengrocers) or, even more easily, at the local fruit and vegetable market. When choosing, you don't necessarily have to take wooden crates in excellent condition, just make sure they are sturdy and solid. Even the humblest-looking crates can be transformed into a shelf worthy of a well-furnished home!

Every single wooden box can become abook holderwhich, superimposed on the other cassettes, will form an original DIY wooden bookcase.

Recycle crates of fruit and vegetables

To recyclethefruit cratesit is simple, each box can become the frame of a picture, an object holder, photo holder, a container for firewood or a kennel for pets. To build aDIY bookcase with wooden boxesyou will need several tools (easy to find) and above all good dexterity.

In an essential and austere environment, the fruit crates can be left in their original color as shown in the photo above. For light wood boxes or if you prefer, you can paint the boxes or even decorate them using the stencil technique.

DIY bookcase with wooden boxes

Recycling wooden crates to build a DIY bookcase is simple. Here is what you will need to complete this creative recycling work:

  • Wooden fruit bowl
  • Acrylic colors and background color such as vermiculite or plaster
  • Stencil templates (optional)
  • Cata glass with fine grain
  • Brushes
  • Compressed air spray can or compressed air gun (for cleaning)
  • Finishing paint (optional)

As an alternative to acrylic colors and the background color, you can use enamels for wood, we do not recommend the use of these paints because they are harmful and therefore unsuitable for the home environment.

The stencil decoration will allow you to obtain a bookcase characterized by a precise motif or design. If you are going to make oneDIY bookcaseof a single color, you do not need masks or additional brushes. On the contrary, if you intend to decorate your library, you can do it at the end, perhaps applying the same template to the profile of several cassettes.

If you are a lover of classification, you can create ad hoc masks for the themes of yourswooden bookcase. For example, for thecassette(shelf - bookshelf) that will house the history books you can create a personalized label with a themed design or simply the words "history" and so for each box or row of boxes in the case of several book holders placed side by side.

How to proceed to make a DIY bookcase

Prepare the surface

Remove any splinters of wood by sanding the entire internal surface of the paper. Remove any protruding nails. With a can of compressed air, blow away all sanded wood residues.

Background color

With a fairly large brush, paint the inside and outside of the box by applying "a coat" of a light background (vermiculite or plaster). Let it dry for 6 hours or wait more than 8 hours if you are in a very humid environment.

Acrylic paint

Spread the acrylic color of your choice and let it dry for 5 - 6 hours as shown on the label.

Decorations (stencil or decupage) and finishing

Decorate the bookcase with personalized templates or, if you prefer, with the decupage technique. At this stage, use smaller brushes that are compatible with the chosen decorations. The stencil template will be temporarily attached to the fruit box to be recycled with adhesive tape or paper scotch.

Finally, you can finish theDIY bookcasewith glass-effect finishes (on the market there is a water-based vitrifying paint capable of making the shelves extremely shiny), opacifying or marbling.

Secure the cassettes together

No nail guns or staplers ... to fix the boxes together, use transparent electrician cable ties or the same color chosen for the library.

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