Black Pug: character, puppies and price

Black Pug: character, puppies and price

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Black Pug, rare dog, even if in Italy there are not few, since we are among the most passionate about this variant of fawn pug. The genes that make black a Black Pug they are recessive: only by mating two black specimens is born one with a black coat and black skin. In many other countries it is almost forgotten, this single color, dark dark, without even a streak, but we are almost crazy about it.

Consoling to think that even the Queen Victoria owned a Black pug, in times when it was barely recognized in its originality in a good way. Chronicles of the time, in fact, tell that a black puppy among red pugs, was often killed.

Black Pug: character

The temper of the Black Pug he is quite strong: he is a small dog and with a more flamboyant air than he seems, in fact he has a lion's heart, accepts challenges and more. He takes them to the bottom with determination. It is therefore not recommended to take a specimen of this breed head on, neither for dogs, nor for us humans, both as masters and as acquaintances.

If not challenged, it is a very affectionate dog, related to the family, distrustful only of strangers but predisposed to open his own circle of acquaintances by welcoming new friends. Intelligent and lively, he is always ready to always learn new things and does it rather quickly, especially if stimulated and intrigued. If he has a patient master, then the Black Pug will become a self-confident and 100% positive dog.

What to avoid absolutely, if we don't want a Depressed Black Pug, is to leave him alone. His is a breed that lives for its master, always needs a lot of company and it is not enough for him to be in the same room with his family. He wants daily, hourly attention for himself, I would say, and if you don't allow it, expect rather obvious nervous reactions.

Children are excellent company, therefore, so can the "toy dog". For the rest of the day, if only for him, he would enjoy the sofa, to sleep for hours and hours. It seems a contradiction, and instead thanks to his lazing, the Black Pug it is recommended for those who love to travel: it never gives problems of any kind, as long as it is with the family full time.

Black Pug: puppy

The Black Pug it is distinguished by the color of its fur and skin, but if you look closely, compared to the fawn pug, it has a lighter bone and slightly longer legs. In general, however, the appearance remains compact and robust, the musculature solid and proportionate.

The powerful neck joins the head to the rest of the body, a rounded and wrinkled head where large and expressive eyes, very black and very delicate, emerge. Being a Molosser, the Black Pug from the mouth it makes the teeth emerge partially, then it has a black and well centered nose. The tail is always in the shape of a curl in any dogpurebred pug dog, but in the purest, you can even admire a double turn.

Black Pug: black and white

The Black and White Pug it is not foreseen as a typology among the accepted standard colors which are silver, apricot, fawn or black. How come we see them around? What happens is that, if the parents are not both black, the Pug that emerges from the pair has light skin and the coat may have a white part.

In particular between the forelimbs, right in the middle of the chest. Still playing with genetics, it can be said that rarely from two tawny pugs will one be born Black Pug, if it happens it is because at least one grandfather or grandmother is black. According to the standard, however, the colors are silver, apricot, fawn and black, each clearly defined, beyond the mask that the fawn has black.

Black Pug: breeding

Today the farms of Pug in Italy, certainly most will have the Black Pug. I say this because in 2015, out of about 700 specimens of this breed present in the country and registered with the ENCI, 200 were black. If we talked about the rare variant, the fact that it is very popular with fans of small dogs makes it popular and sought after.

It is normal that the farms follow the requests. On the other hand the Black Pug has always fascinated breeders all over the world, the love at first sight was at an exhibition held in Maidstore, Kent, England in 1886. The first specimens of this color were imported from China by Lady Brassey, a whimsical traveler . They were called Jacopo, Nap, Jack Spratt and Bessie Spratt, the former also won at that famous exhibition, starting a sort of Black Pug mania.

With lots of specialized farms. In truth, it would seem that the existence of black subjects in the breed was something already known before Mrs. Brassey: the painter and enthusiast William Hogarth has inserted a Black Pug in his painting “the House of Cards” dated 1730.

Black Pug: photo

I talked about Black Pug mania and not to joke. Once upon a time it could be seen on the street and in the number of farms, today it is enough to open a social network or type on a search engine to see how popular it is. Pictures of Black Pug there are many of them and the morphological characteristics of the breed make it a subject to be immortalized in even somewhat ridiculous poses. They see all the colors.

Black Pug: price

A puppy of Black Pug well cared for and with all the necessary documentation, it has a price that is around 800-1000 euros. A high price, but if we want one we take into account that we are in a certain sense following a trend, a craze, and it is normal for it to cost.

If we are bitterly forced to give it up, we can find comfort in this very nice cup, from 9 euros, in which to sip a calming and consoling herbal tea, or even an enveloping chocolate. Black.

Important, if we decide to get a puppy of Black Pug, is that we have time to be with him. It is a dog that really does not resist all alone: ​​it is not a whim, it is not a question of pure education and, therefore, correctable. The Black Pug, alone, has a black mood and sees black.

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