Mobility in Italy: Moving Ahead

Mobility in Italy: Moving Ahead

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Mobility in Italy, is based in Milan, on 28 and 29 April, in the Hub dedicated to innovation born in the former Ansaldo space: today it is called Milan base and is located in via Tortona 54. The appointment is with the latest news from all sectors of new mobility: Urban and Sharing Mobility, Local Public Transport, Electric Mobility, Automated Driving and Connected Cars.

The appointment is also, on the human side, with over 100 speakers from 12 countries. Guests called to tell their stories and to participate in the meetings come partly from Italy, but also from all over the world who want to make their own contribution: Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Israel and the United States.

They will be two days full of discussions on how new technologies can solve everyday urban problems, with the idea of ​​seizing the Milanese opportunity to develop new services for mobility. The appointment in the city of Expo, almost a year after Expo, was born from the meeting of Citytech-BUStech is New Mobility World, in addition to debates and meetings, there will be space and time for dedicated exhibitions on all the thematic areas of the event and test drives.

Mobility in Italy: themes

Mobility in Italy ranges with breath and an eye to the future on various issues related to new mobility including parking management through innovative technologies, electric and hybrid mobility, connected and self-driving cars, various public transport systems, sharing and urban mobility and innovative ones always related to mobility. The goal of the upcoming two days is to give increasingly effective, safe and sustainable answers to issues that are increasingly "hot" and urgent. It is about realities, situations, problems, sometimes, other times occasions, whether we like it or not, we meet month after month.

Then it is worth thinking about the “Cities of the future”, evaluating how and if it is possible to integrate urban mobility and mobility planning, will be an opportunity to get an overview of the Urban Mobility and Mobility Services market, both in the Italian and European context. The discussion on connected cars and automated driving, which is increasingly topical, will concern private vehicles and buses, with the idea also of being able to manage company fleets, giving an eye to the issue of data security.

TO Mobility in Italy it is impossible not to talk about electric mobility, but not to stand by, but to build an electric ecosystem, with vehicles, infrastructures and services, paying particular attention to buses and car sharing. Urban Mobility and Smart Mobility I am sure a theme that will remain at the center of both Milanese days, in order to evaluate what exists on intermodal apps, efficient and convenient, and models of partnership between public transport and private companies.

There will be time, at Base Milano, to enter into matters such as station-based carpooling, Scooter and Bike sharing with solutions for the last and the first mile, increasingly smart parking management. And over long distances we will also think about ridesharing, buses and trains.

There is also a space dedicated to startups, the startup pitches. Mobility in Italy here he will present professional development opportunities for Italian companies in Berlin, Paris and London but also talking about the services to start a business in Italy and the context in which you find yourself doing it.

Mobility in Italy: partner

As mentioned Mobility in Italy is an event that arises from the successful experience of two major international events: Citytech-BUStech and New Mobility World. The first is a leading event in Italy, with a large presence of institutions, with four successful editions behind it, between Rome and Milan. New Mobility World is the leading platform in Europe, present in September 2015 in Frankfurt but now also in other European capitals such as Milan and Paris, through important international partnerships.

Mobility in Italy: program

The two days of Mobily in Italy begins Thursday 28 April with institutional greetings and a meeting entitled "Moving Ahead: towards the mobility of the future”In which multimodal solutions for urban transport and mobility, innovative vehicles and services that promote cleaner and more liveable city spaces will be presented and discussed. Among those who will speak there are also Peter Fuss, Head of Automotive Ernst & Young Germany and Paolo Martino, Senior Consultant Automotive & Transportation Frost & Sullivan Italia.

On the same day, to follow, "The Parking Revolution: The Best Practices from the world", organized in collaboration with Municipality of Milan and AMAT, and “Carsharing: the story of great growth. And now?" with the presence of examples such as Car2go, Drivy France and Invers Germany, but not only. Finally, a reflection and a question: "Public Transport: evolution, revolution or break with the past?".

The second day of Mobility in Italy, Friday 29 April, the calendar includes a speech on the “Smart City”. One wonders, after Expo 2015, what its legacy is, focusing on the importance of data integration for the Smart City. It is a meeting organized in collaboration with Parkeon.

We will then move on to talk about "Innovative services for mobility: a colorful panorama" looking at the most revolutionary ones, which have created new consumption models and questioned the priority of cars. The meeting to follow is on the "Autonomous Guide e Connected Car": An overview of autonomous driving systems and connected car services that have the potential to exponentially reduce car accidents and streamline traffic.

Regarding Electric Mobility, a Mobility in Italy the one with zero emissions in urban areas is told to understand how to build an electric ecosystem. Given space for startups, then the time comes for the "Mobility Revolution Bus". At the heart of this latest meeting is a sustainability assessment and rating system for buses, which allows you to measure the impact in terms of sustainability of all public road transport vehicles.

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