Grow fruit in pots

Grow fruit in pots

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Grow fruit in pots: instructions for setting up a small potted orchard. In pots, it is possible to start the cultivation of various fruit trees of limited size.

It's possiblegrow fresh fruit in pots but we must make the necessary assessments, first of all: the climate, the needs of the plant, how much the plant we intend to grow in pots will grow.

Thefruit treesthat can be more easily grown in pots are those with smaller dimensions, namely:

  • peach
  • apricot
  • Cherry tree
  • actinidia (kiwi)
  • orange
  • lemon

The form of breeding must be decided according to the needs of the moment. For example, the lemon the pot can be bredalmost like a creeperas long as you keep it on a sunny terrace in Southern Italy. Those who decide to grow citrus fruit in pots in the North or in central Italy where the interior is rigid, will have to choose sapling farming in order to bring the plants to the allotment in the winter.

How to grow fruit in pots

To begin it is always worth remembering that fruit plants fromgrow in potsthey must be bought bare root, that is, without a pot and only with a clod of earth surrounding the root of the plant.

The most suitable material is terracotta but it is not recommended if you intend to move the plant in a position sheltered from frost in the coldest periods of the year.

The size of the pot must respect the growth of the fruit plant chosen and to begin with, they must not be less than 50x50x50 cm.

When to grow fruit in pots?The autumn period is perfect for starting the planting of bare root plants purchased in the nursery.

Remember that in thefruit crops in pots it is necessary to carry out periodic fertilizations because the roots develop in a limited quantity of soil and have no way of drawing on the nutrients essential for development except through your application of fertilizer.

Growing peach tree in pots

Growing peaches in pots is a fairly common practice. The peach tree,prunus persica, is very resistant to cold and can be cultivated with a light heart even in Northern Italy.

At the time of planting you must ensure good drainage to the container by placing a terracotta crock on the drain hole and then a further 7 - 8 cm layer of expanded clay. Again, a layer of non-woven fabric and on top of it a mixture of garden soil, mature compost and a little more expanded clay.

At the time of purchase, specify to the nurseryman that the fruit plant is intended forcultivation in pots so as to choose the most suitable varieties. When it comes to peaches, we point out theGarden Beautyor the Bonanza which grows in just over a meter in height and bears double and dark pink flowers.

Grow kiwifruit in pots

Kiwi, botanically known asActinidia chinensis, is a climbing plant that grows very well injaras long as it is located in a sunny position. You can plant it in a container full of common soil, it does not present particular needs except for frequent irrigations especially in the vegetative phase. It is a plantdeciduoustherefore it will lose its leaves between autumn and winter.

In spring, the kiwi produces many white, lightly scented flowers. In order to cultivate the kiwi it will be necessary to plant one or more male specimens next to a female specimen. The plant must be pruned at the end of winter; kiwi pruning is simple, you will have to limit yourself to shortening the side twigs to 5 or 6 buds.

Cultivating cherry in pots

Cherry is a very popular plant. Incultivation of cherry in potsyou can choose different varietiesad hoc. The dwarf variety Prunus a Compact Stella has a reduced development and is self-pollinating. Annually it will bring you approximately 500 - 600 grams of cherries.

Therepot cultivation of the cherry treeit can also be performed in northern Italy because it is a very resistant species to the harsh climate. A fertile but not very humid, medium-textured substrate will suffice.

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