Tricks for recycling apple peels

Tricks for recycling apple peels

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Tricks for recycling apple peels:practical tips to reuse apple peels and reduce waste in the kitchen.

Before you seehow to recycle apple peelsit is very important to make a clarification: most of the apples that we find on the market have an appearanceshiny, almostbrilliant. This is not always given by an intrinsic characteristic of the apple. The glossy surface is often the result of a wax-based treatment.

In other words, theapplesyou buy are covered with a waxy substance to make them morered, brighter and shinier, to hide the typical imperfections of the fruit and to make them appear more appetizing.

The use of wax is also allowed in organic farming, so choose someorganic applesNOTwill save you from this inconvenience.

Generally, when the apple has this layer of white wax, it should be accompanied by a label that indicates its edibility. Many companies use safe and edible vegetable waxes but this is not always the case. In addition, some apple varieties can produce a thin waxy layer (epicuticular wax, a kind of cuticle that the fruit produces to waterproof and protect itself from parasites) but it is generally easy to distinguish an artificial wax from the wax naturally produced by the fruit.

The only way you can consume safe and 100% natural apples is ... to know the producer! Go to an orchard yourself or buy apples from a small local grower who certainly won't do this.

Recycle apple peels to make an air freshener

Theapple peelsdehydrated can be reused to prepare apotpourriscented to diffuse a good smell in the house. It is also possible to dehydrate apple cores or slices.

To prepare this home fragrance, you can combine a stick of chopped cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of internal cloves and dried apple peels. Combine these three elements to fill a crystal container to be placed in the anteroom as well as in the living room to perfume the room.

The same mixture can be used in aromatherapy but this time you will have to cook it over low heat and then empty it into a teapot with the addition of 2/3 of water. The vapors produced will create a perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

Recycle apple peels to lose weight

A natural remedy based on apple peels can be used to lose weight. All instructions:how to recycle fruit peels.

Recycle the apple peels to make jelly

Apple peels and torsos can be recycled to prepare a jelly that is well suited for the preparation of different recipes.

How to proceed?
In a saucepan, place 4 full cups of apple peels and cores and 5 cups of water. Start the stove on medium heat and bring to a boil, lower the heat and doboilfor about 20 minutes.

Sift and set the liquid aside. Of this, take 2 cups and place them again on the fire adding a cup and a half of sugar and a tablespoon of lemon juice.

Boil again taking care to stir often. Transfer the gelatin into glass jars, a foam will form on the surface: with a spoon, remove the surface foam and then seal and let it cool. When the gelatine has cooled, keep the jars in the fridge or, to prolong storage, put the jars in a water bath.

Recycle apple peels to make flavored tea

Six apple peels are enough to flavor a cup of tea. For even more flavorspicyyou can add a stick of cinnamon. The apple peels must be added to the water at the same time and left in the cup even after infusing the tea.

Apple cider vinegar

You can flavor the vinegar with your apple peels and torsos.

Recycle other peels

Those ofapplethey are not the only onespeelsthat can be recycled in the kitchen. To reduce the production of food waste and prepare tasty recipes, we invite you to read our guides:

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