Liquid or creamy homemade yogurt

Liquid or creamy homemade yogurt

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Homemade yogurt: recipe and instructions for making homemade yogurt with three simple ingredients. Recipes with or without yoghurt maker. Natural yogurt and variants.

Why insert theyogurt to the shopping list when can you prepare it at home? You only need three ingredients and you don't necessarily need theyoghurt maker.

Thehomemade yogurtit is a healthy food and can be definedfunctional food(probiotic food). It improves intestinal efficiency, strengthens the immune system and is perfect for breakfast.

I've made many (perhaps too many!) Attempts to prepare onecoconut yogurtof worthy respect. Many attempts failed because the next morning I found myself with oneyogurtdense or too strong coconut flavor. With a little patience, I managed to get oneyogurtcreamyand perfect for my palate.

Onehomemade yogurthas many advantages:

  • it's sweet enough
  • it is as caloric as your figure demands
  • has the creaminess you want
  • has customizable aromas and flavors

I personally never liked ityogurtbought at the supermarket, in fact it would never have occurred to me to prepare it at home if I hadn't tasted an artisan variant in a dairy not too far from home. It was there that I discovered the taste of real yogurt.

Not only thathomemade yogurtit is tastier but also more genuine: all the yoghurts we buy at the supermarket have added sugars or, if they are "natural", they are not so appreciated by the palate.

Sweet homemade yogurt

The sweetness ofhomemade yogurtit can be adjusted either by adding sugars, or by choosing a whole milk rather than skim milk, or by deciding to add a zero-calorie natural sweetener for those who want to get onelight yogurtlow in calories.

Homemade light yogurt

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is true, even if many underestimate it. Why cut your calorie budget on breakfast? The smartest cuts are made on dinner ... but if you really want, to get a low calorie yogurt you can:

  • eat it natural, with no added sugars
  • sweeten it with stevia, a natural zero-calorie sweetener
  • prepare it with totally skimmed milk

As anticipated, I don't recommend making cuts on breakfast. It's okay to sweeten it with stevia but I strongly advise against the use of skimmed milk to prepareyogurt.

Liquid or creamy homemade yogurt

Typically, recipes found online refer to a liquid yogurt. It is possible to get onecreamy yogurtisdenseright from the start of preparation: the milk must be brought to 90 ° C for at least 15 - 20 minutes. This is the first step in getting onethick and creamy homemade yogurt.

Sore point for those who prefer onelight homemade yogurt: yogurt will be creamier the richer in proteins and fats the milk used is. Use high quality whole milk. You will get a yoghurt with 2.1-2.5% fat, depending on the time spent on the fire.

If, on the other hand, you want an almost pudgy texture, you can buy food proteins that work likejelly.Another possibility to make ithomemade yogurtcreamier consists in adding a few grams of corn starch to the finished product.

On the contrary, to get one homemade liquid yogurt, you can use partially or totally skimmed milk as a starting ingredient to be brought to a temperature of 90 ° C for just a few seconds. In this case, when the clot forms during fermentation, you will have to remove the surface film before consuming it.

After dedicating some space to the choice of ingredients, we refer you to the articles containing the yoghurt recipes with or without yoghurt maker. In the pages we will deepen the discourse of lactic ferments to be used as a starter.

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