Setter Gordon: origins, character and price

Setter Gordon: origins, character and price

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Gordon Setter, also called Scottish setter, is a hunting dog of obvious origin and that a little "pays" for the assonance and similarity with the English Setter. Leaving others to deal with the rivalries and quarrels between the English and the Scots, we remain in the dog planet and give the right value to this breed.

The Gordon Setter is a medium sized British pointing dog, and also a perfect retriever, particularly good when dealing with woodcock. Given that in life, "you never know", this dog has made sure to be appreciated also for its qualities as a companion and guard dog.

Gordon setter: origins

Around the middle of the 19th century this breed appeared as a cross between a English Setter and a Border Collie: it therefore has a bit of the English rival but is different and the Gordon Setter it is very important that it be specified. Also because many experts believe that this breed is not the simple result of a mix of two others, but the result of a selection that also sees the presence of dogs such as the Irish Setter and the Bloodhound, Chien of Saint-Ubert. Maybe even gods Pointer.

The name of Gordon Setter it derives from the dukes of Richmond-Gordon of Scotland, in particular from the Duke Alexander IV of Gordon Castle: the first great breeder and improver of setters, he started with the black and tan ones officially recognized then Gordons. It is said that the progenitor of the breed was born from his favorite female dog, Border Collie, from which he never left, with a good male of another race.

The Gordon Setter of the duke, the tricolor specimens, or blacks with white markings and markings, in 1800 were seen a lot around especially in the Scottish areas. He arrived abroad with Paul Caillard, in France, and then gradually in Germany, Sweden and even Russia.

Also in Italy some specimens of Gordon Setter from Norway gaining the reputation of best hunting setters. The next stop of this breed was the United States from where it reached Canada and Australia.

Setter Gordon: character

The Duke was also very impressed: i Gordon Setter they were and are very loyal to the master. A gift that other Setters like the English and the Irish also have, but the Gordon has a better gear being much more calm and condescending. It is true that at work this leads to a lower reaction speed, at times, and to less exciting performances, albeit respectable, but the Gordon Setter also makes a great company.

Quiet does not at all mean "doting": this dog always shows itself to be an animal with great intelligence, polite, tender, obedient and docile. When adopted into a non-hunting family, his athletic being is perfect for long walks that he adores. He also loves playing, he is outgoing and kind, courageous and reliable. He is not rude, on the contrary, even with children he is delicate.

Gordon setter: wait

The confrontation with the English cousin haunts us but it is inevitable and not always inconvenient. The Gordon Setter in his physical aspect he is more massive and heavier than the English setter, his maximum is the gallop for which he is officially the most suitable Setter. Many say that its physical structure is also reminiscent of the body of the hunting horse.

The body of the Gordon Setter it is square, has a thick bone, but a rather large and voluminous head, with long hanging ears set at the bottom. The stop appears very marked, the nose is black and of medium size, the eyes large, sweet and dark, neither sunken nor protruding, with a lively and intelligent expression.

Being suitable for galloping and in general also a retriever dog, the Gordon Setter inevitably has long and muscular limbs, even the jaws are strong. The tail can be straight or slightly scimitar-like. It is defined as a medium-sized dog: at the withers a male measures 66 cm weighing about 30 kg, a female 62 cm with 5 kg less.

Setter Gordon: fur

The hair of the Gordon Setter it is about 5 or 6 cm long and is silky, slightly wavy, with rich fringes that are not too thick. It is not homogeneous on the whole body: on the head, in the front part of the limbs and at the ends of the ears it is short and fine; on all other parts of the body it remains of medium length, flat and without curls or waves. And then there are the fringes, at the top of the ears and back of the limbs, as well as on the belly. Fringes are usually smooth.

As for the colors, those allowed are numerous: anthracite black, with bright chestnut red markings on the eyebrows, on the sides of the muzzle, on the throat, on the chest, on the limbs, on the feet and around the anus. There may be spots on the inside of the hind limbs and thighs, on the forelimbs and on the front. And then a very small one is allowed white spot on the chest.

Gordon setter: breeding

Today in Italy there are not very many Gordon Setter: in Lombardy there are 7 dinners but for the rest they must be sought in some other regions. For example from the ENCI official website there are 4 in Tuscany, 3 in Veneto and another 3 in Piedmont, in Lazio there is only one as in Abruzzo and Calabria while Campania and Emilia Romagna.

How does the Gordon Setter it has no particular health problems and it is not difficult to breed, it can be both indoors and in the garden, it does not give much confidence to strangers but it does not even bother. On the other hand, he has an excellent sense of smell and probably "sniffs" how a person is before becoming friends. When we turn to breeders for a Gordon Setter we also ask about his strong predisposition to suffer from hip dysplasia.

Gordon setter: price

A puppy of Gordon Setter to breed at home or in the garden, as an intelligent and athletic companion dog, costs approx 200 euros. As a medical treatment it does not require a lot of effort and not even a lot of money: it is healthy, has a shiny coat that if you eat well it remains beautiful without too many toilets.

As for the diet of the Gordon Setter it should be noted that he is Scottish, therefore used to foods such as potatoes, game poultry, wheat, corn and poultry. So let's not make him lack at least vegetables and high-fat poultry, also for the sake of the coat. You can therefore easily prepare Scottish-style lunches at home and serve them in one bowl which I find very interesting: it is anti gorging, for a "slow food" even canine, at less than a dozen euros.

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