Led lights for the bike wheel

Led lights for the bike wheel

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Led lights for the bike wheel: opinions, advice on purchasing and the correct use of LED lights for bicycle wheels.

When abikergoes out in the evening, visibility is everything!

Who goes in bike he knows it well: you have to pedal and drive among the cars thinking you are invisible, it is difficult to get noticed by motorists when you are on two wheels with pedals. When crossing an intersection or simply along the sidewalk, when the biker is pedaling, he must pay attention to motorists because motorists may not necessarily be able to pay attention to cyclists!

The world of the road is a real jungle, car drivers are often distracted by their smartphone, navigator or the car in front, so too often cyclists find themselves taking crazy risks. It is no coincidence that the bicycles continue to represent the third vehicle in the ranking with the highest number of dead drivers.

Visibility plays a fundamental role especially in the evening, where the poor lighting and the conditions of the local roads make the cyclist's life really risky and difficult. It is in this context that theled lights for bike wheels. These devices make the cyclist visible even from many meters away. A clear sign that the cyclist, on the street, exists and has the right to traffic just as much as a centaur.

Among the various LED bicycle lights on the market, we decided to test theOutadbecause among the rare bike LEDs to offer a 12-month purchase guarantee. The lights in question turned out to be up to the task in different situations. Before getting to the heart of the product description, here is the technical sheet.

Product: Outad LED Bicycle Lights

  • - 32 ultra bright LED bulbs
  • - 32 different graphics
  • - waterproof
  • - weight of the product without batteries, 90 grams
  • - powered by batteries that are not included in the purchase package. 3 AAA batteries (mini stylus) required
  • - suitable for 16 ″ or larger wheels
  • - made of resistant plastic material
  • - battery autonomy equal to 20 hours of operation
  • - price of 11.89 euros with free shipping costs
  • - 12 months warranty and starts from the date of purchase registered on Amazon.

N.B. for greater savings and respect for the environment, the use of 3 mini rechargeable batteries is recommended to power the device.

This led light for bicycle wheelit turns on automatically, by pedaling and activating the movement of the wheel, or by means of a button ON / OFFpresent on the lower edge of the device. The button should be pressed for about 2 seconds. We advise you not to always keep the device active because, although the description states that it can also be used during the day, its use with sunlight is completely useless and would only waste precious hours of autonomy.

Another concern to consider: the device is light and easily attaches to the spokes of the bicycle wheel. It should be tightened with plastic screws, it is quite robust but not suitable for activities such asmountain bikingorurban bike extreme. If you live in a quiet neighborhood you will have no problems but if you hang out in areas such as the hinterland of Naples, where thieves are around the corner, it is advisable to remove the device if you leave the bicycle unattended, perhaps fixed with a chain to a pole ... Well, no wonder, in some places you would do well to remove the seat too!

The product is offered at a price of 11.89 euros with free shipping. The package offers only one LED device so you can only light up one wheel. If you decide to buy just one, we recommend that you mount it on the rear wheel.

You can learn more about the technical part with the article on brilliance

Useful link: Outad LED Bicycle Lights

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