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Pet dogs, none more than them must be faithful and meek, affectionate and full of attention towards the owner and the whole family. Not only that: they are often animals that find themselves living in an apartment. The villa or the "super palace" does not always happen: therefore i pet dogs they must be able and able to stay with discrete composure in the rooms. Of course it is also up to us to grant them the outings for the needs and walks, and to socialize between pet dogs. Even "badmouth" of their masters as it should be.

More and more present in the homes of Italians and Europeans, the pets, dogs and cats above all, are a comfort to solitude and an element of the family itself, a priceless presence for which you are willing to spend time and money. And the crisis has no say in this human-dog bond.

In the apartment the preference falls on small pets, for convenience, but sometimes it is an illusory choice because we are faced with small breeds, yes, but more unmanageable than other larger but meek and silent ones. So let's see what the best pet dogs, for every size and taste. And for every family size: from singles to couples with 4 children.

Small pet dogs

They are the first ones you look at, small pet dogs, especially the so-called lap dogs, like chihuahua toy, so mini that it is also suitable for studios, even if rebellious. Of very small dogs there are several. The Pekingese it is one of these, it attracts for its very funny appearance, so covered with hair on the body and on the face, but it has an independent character and is not suitable for too small children. Even strangers do not reserve good treatment, is not easy to educate, and neighbors may not like his frequent and loud barking.

The volpino italiano he is certainly more docile and affectionate, only a little suspicious of those he does not know and in need of daily care for his coat. He also has the habit of barking too much, much better from this acoustic point of view is the Maltese, appreciated because small and quiet, and also very beautiful with its showy and friendly coat. Even the Bolognese dog striking for the coat, his is similar to wool, and he is one of the pet dogs which is fine for those who have the patience to take it out often, as it has to do constant physical movement. And he doesn't like loneliness.

Avoid if you have small children little Italian greyhound: very elegant, however, it has a strong and independent character which does not always make it patient and delicate. On the contrary, for those with children, the pug, affectionate and cuddly, as well as characteristic in its wrinkled appearance that children often like: they see it as a cartoon or a puppet.

It has a special charm for me shih tzu between pet dogs. It is an animal that is often combed in the strangest ways, fortunately he is patient and lazy, let it go. If you don't have too many stairs in your house, another one of the best pet dogs and the dachshund, lively and cheerful, and very fond of the family.

Medium sized pet dogs

Medium size is a good compromise for i pet dogs to recommend to those who want one who does not suffer in the apartment and does not love the very little ones. Here are two examples. The first is the lagotto romagnolo, chosen by me because of very ancient Italian origins.

Having forgotten that he was born to hunt game, today this animal with its woolly coat and its “M” size is perfectly suited to domestic life. IS' delightful to say the least with children, affectionate with all family members, the only "problem" is the habit of digging. Better to have a garden or a terrace, then.

The other of the pet dogs medium size to know is it shar pei. It comes from China as a former fighting dog absolutely unsuspected given its current sweetness. It has a sweet and docile character, an appearance recognizable by all for the many folds on a hair of various possible colors.

It is a dog that is faithful to its owner, independent and who loves being outdoors on daily walks. There are many other breeds of medium-sized apartment dogs to know, and then let's not forget the splendid mestizos, capable of a sweetness and fidelity that often bordering on the incredible.

Large-sized pet dogs

For those who have a studio apartment, unless it is a huge loft without walls, they are not suitable, but for medium-large apartments there are also large breed pet dogs. Like the other younger ones, they love family and are very affectionate. Of course, sometimes the overly felt affection of a 50 kg dog can be unmanageable, it is therefore very important to educate them to an at least moderately expansive home life. Even for those who come to visit you and may not want to be greeted by the wet embrace of aSt. Bernard dog, for example.

Between pet dogs large, the most chosen and recommended by me are those that fall into the category of molossoids. Large, very strong and sturdy, they often have a lively temperament, they love cuddles and physical contact and do not get off the feet or the room where the owner is.

Mine Mountain dog B.ernese Lucy he does just that with his sober 50 kg you park here and there choosing the most interesting company and TV channel in your home. Other adorable and apartment breeds like her are the Neapolitan Mastiff, L'Great Dane and the Newfoundland. But they are not the only ones.

Pet dogs for children

It is not so much the size that makes pet dogs suitable for families with children: a little bit yes, but some mini animals are quite nervous and only elderly and patient people like I am not able to live with them. For children, however, there are particularly recommended breeds in the list of pet dogs. The toy poodle, for example: already in the past much appreciated by royal families, it is of an intense sweetness, very sensitive and in need of constant human presence. Alone for too much it just gets depressed.

The yorkshire terrier it is suitable for lively children as he too is restless, always ready to play and take long runs. It has a nice appearance with its very particular hair, it is also recommended for those with allergies and for large families.

Among the best ever for children, but also adults love it, there is the french bulldog. Its about 15 kg are affection and pure intelligence, it is a docile and at the same time reckless animal, it is one of the pet dogs who defends and adopts the family that hosts him.

In addition to Labrador Retriever and al Golden Retriever, traditionally sweet with adults and children, and very popular, among beautiful and good companion dogs here is the jack russell terrier. It was born for fox hunting in England, but today it is an ideal presence for children and the elderly being affectionate but above all a great playful. He wants all the attention on himself but he is so enterprising that you never get bored.

Companion and guard dogs

Before finally choosing our favorite among the companion dogs, we can also take a look at the breeds of watchdogswhich are also excellent in the home. Such as lo miniature schnauzer (or miniature schnauzer). It is a dog that loves being outdoors, it is independent but very affectionate with its family. Distrustful of strangers, he protects homes and people with a lively and friendly presence.

Even the pinscher dwarf it is a guard but also a companion: it is not easy to educate but with a little patience, you get an intelligent and faithful animal. Other examples of pet dogs and guard are the German Shepherd, L'Akita Inu, which I love, and the brindle boxer is fawn.

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