Essential oils that relieve pain

Essential oils that relieve pain

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Muscle aches, menstrual pains, rheumatic pains, cramps ... but also headaches, stomach pains and tired legs. Here's what theessential oilsto be used to relieve the pains that most often torment us.

For a long time, before the advent of modern medicine, theessential oilshave been used for the symptomatic treatment ofache. The use ofessential oils against painis simple: just dilute a few drops ofessential oilmore suitable in acarrier oil and carrier oil and then massage it on the area to be treated.

Before use it is important to know theessential oilyou are using. Essential oils are natural remedies but should not be used lightly. Dissolved in a carrier oil, an essential oil can give life to ointments to be applied in the most varied circumstances: trauma pain, joint pain, menstrual pain or more simply to relax the muscles.

One or more must be added to the carrier oil essential oils with concentrations reaching a maximum of 3%. For strong essential oils such as thyme, clove or cinnamon, the concentration even drops between 0.5 and 1%. Essential oils considered "strong" are rich in phenols or dermocaustic aldehydes, ie active ingredients that can cause severe skin irritation, which is why an essential oil should never be used pure on the skin!

The most widely used carrier oil is sweet almond oil with emollient and highly moisturizing properties, however, for the treatment ofpainsof various kinds, it is recommended to dilute the essential oil inWheat germ oil.

For information on the properties of the two carrier oils mentioned (price, where to buy it, properties, benefits and applications), please consult the dedicated pages:

  • - Wheat germ oil, properties
  • - Sweet almond oil

Wheat germ oil is particularly suitable for combining with essential oils for the treatment ofmenstrual cramps, restless legs syndrome and muscle aches.

Essential oils for the treatment of pain

Once the methods of use and the dilutions to be followed have been clarified, let's see what theessential oilsmore suitable for the treatment of different types ofache.

Essential oils: muscle aches and rheumatic pains

An ointment based onclove essential oilperforms a powerful actionanalgesic. It is able to relieve muscle aches and rheumatic pains.

Camphor essential oil is rich incineole, an active ingredient used in various mouthwashes and cough syrups, famous for its marked balsamic and anti-inflammatory, it is for this reason that it can be used in case of muscle pain, rheumatic pain but also joint pain of various kinds.

Essential oils: pain in the teeth and affections of the oral cavity

The protagonist is always the essential oil of cloves. The active ingredients contained in it make this essential oil a good natural pain reliever useful in case of toothache and other disorders of the oral cavity (canker sores, stomatitis, gingivitis ...).

Muscle spasms, cramps, sprains and arthritis pains

Lavender essential oil is particularly suitable for soothing muscle spasms, cramps and arthritis pains. It can be considered a good onesedativeto massage in case of sprains or light trauma.

Those looking for a natural remedy to relax tight muscles can aim for baths with Epsom salt which acts as an emulsifier for essential oils. Just fill the bathtub, pour a few drops of essential oil on a handful of epson salt and enjoy the relaxing bath.

An ointment prepared by combining 3 ml of camphor essential oil with 10 ml of sweet almond oil can be very useful for healing sprains, aches and muscle tears. For those who do sports, camphor oil can be an effective anti-fatigue, even in this case you can use sweet almond oil as a carrier but this time you will only need 2 ml of camphor essential oil for every 10 ml of almond employed.

Essential oils against migraines and chronic headaches

A natural remedy for migraines consists in adding 10 drops of lavender essential oil and 2 drops of peppermint essential oil to a small glass (50 ml) of sweet almond oil. Rub your temples with a circular massage using this compound. Chronic headache sufferers can do this 2 or 3 times a day.

Essential oils: menstrual pain and abdominal pain

Tarragon essential oil can be used as a natural remedy against abdominal spasms (including cramps, menstrual pain and stomach pain). It is also used to relieve muscle tension and at that time of the month we women are quite tense ...! To prepare a natural remedy for menstrual pain based on essential oils, you will need an ointment consisting of 3 ml of lemon balm essential oil, 3 ml of tarragon essential oil and 30 ml of wheat germ oil, an excellent carrier oil.

Where to buy essential oils

By clicking on each individual essential oil you will be redirected to the card that will provide you with all the relevant information: benefits, uses, properties, costs and where to buy pure essential oil.

Regardless of the essential oils and remedies implemented, remember that pain is a symptom and should be treated as such. If the symptom persists or is pressing, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

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