Breeds of cats for children

Breeds of cats for children

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Breeds of cats for children, in the animal, feline, cat-like world, here's how to orient yourself to choose an animal that is suitable for the little ones of the house. Not only that you respect them and don't hurt them, but that you play with them. 10 o'clock breeds of cats for children recommended are also wonderful breeds.

Ragdoll cat

It could only be the best among the breeds of cats for children that of the Ragdoll, literally "rag doll". It is an animal of North American origin with a way of doing very similar to that of dogs, therefore extremely affectionate. Then when you pick him up, he relaxes completely.

It has not the slightest trace of aggression, the Ragdoll, and among the breeds of cats for children it is the one officially recognized in 1965. This feline has a massive appearance but is not scary at all, on the contrary, with two big blue eyes that finds itself, it is irresistible. The fluffy hair also attracts children as much as adults, it attracts caresses and he desires them.

What he does not want at all, however, is to be alone: ​​he suffers a lot, not good for single people. It is among the cat breeds for children and families also for this reason, let's just be careful that he is a little touchy, but he never attacks, he could put his face up for a while.

Sacred Cat of Burma

Scratching or blowing are not the things that this one does breeds of cats for children. It is a docile and playful feline, and also particularly beautiful, very white and with two deep blue eyes. It comes from France, even if it is called Sacred cat of Burma: deceives, is a joker, but good by nature, always looking for company, elegant and calm.

The dimensions of this, between cat breeds for children, it is modest, the robust structure is slender but what is most striking is the fur, milky white and with some darker spots on the face and ears. And then the decidedly blue, oval-shaped eyes.

Thai cat

Playful, dynamic and very cuddly the Thai cat could among the breeds of cats for children, be mistaken for a Siamese. He looks like us but he is Thai and he is also carried around on a leash by how tame he is. Of ancient origins, it is a medium-sized, muscular, slender and elegant animal.

Its ears are rounded, the eyes, lemon-shaped, large and expressive, of an intensely blue color. The hair of the thai cat it is silky and is of the breeds of cats for children who caresses himself more willingly. He appreciates, relaxes and no longer detaches from our knees. In the family he is very happy, and he has his say: he has a strange and strong meow and is in fact said "talking cat”, He also does it to request attention and if there are children who give it to him, better this way. The female is more "snobbish", the male more visceral and outspoken, but it is one of the cat breeds for children in both cases.

Carthusian cat

From France here is another of the breeds of cats for children, of ancient origins, linked to a monastery of friars, of course Carthusians. Docile and affectionate, even if of a strong and independent character, the Chartreux has a robust and massive physique, a round head with a triangular muzzle, large and rounded ears, very expressive eyes and of gold or amber yellow, orange or copper color.

Children will certainly like the hair, both because it is very soft and because of a very fascinating color: gray and shaded in every way. They are 6 kg of animal, it is perhaps the heaviest among the breeds of cats for children, but he certainly does not give up putting himself in the arms of anyone who is part of the family, demanding caresses.

Siamese cat

We mentioned it before, finally here is among the breeds of cats for children that of the Siamese, aristocratic relative of Thai but absolutely affectionate and in need of human contact, also widely used in pet therapy. He comes from Thailand where he was appreciated in noble and royal families, he played with future rulers.

The Siamese it is recognized for its tapered and elegant body, but also for the coat with characteristic shaded colors. Let's not forget the blue eyes that seem to be popular among breeds of cats for children.

This cat loves to play and does it in an intelligent and alert way, he is not one who lets himself be fooled, but a stimulating and attentive companion. He loves being pampered and in general apartment life even if he likes to take a stroll outdoors every now and then. And luckily, it must: it tends to get fat.

European cat

Also excellent companion for singles and seniors, this is among the breeds of cats for children because very affectionate and "faithful", as much as a cat may be. Intelligent and curious, he is lazy but not too much, physically he has a medium size, with eyes and cloak, short and uniform, which can vary a lot in color. It is not a difficult cat to maintain and care for, also for this reason it is among the cat breeds for children.

Scottish Fold cat

It will be the hanging ears to let this animal enter the breeds of cats for children most desired and suitable? Not only that, the character is just perfect, sweet and affectionate, never angry. He comes from Scottish farms and is recognized in the United States and Australia. His physique is not at all long-limbed but rather stocky, the head is round and wide with small ears bent forward and eyes, large and very sweet, of a color to match the coat.

As mentioned and as for the others breeds of cats for children, even for this the affectionate and homely disposition applies. The Scottish Fold cat also loves the outdoors from time to time and must be brushed vigorously once a day.

Siberian cat

It is the only animal hypoallergenic officially, or at least the most effective, of all breeds of cats for children. It comes from Russia or Ukraine and amazes with its physical power. It has the physique of someone who has to survive in very cold climates, here in fact he brings a coat with semi-long hair, water repellent and thick. The cold also made him very independent, a strange feature for one of the breeds of cats for children.

Yet the Siberian is suitable, because he loves playing and knows how to have fun in company, he does not even have problems living with other animals.

Tiffany cat

Beautiful but not only this Tiffany is the most fascinating of breeds of cats for children. With long hair, short noses, ears with slightly rounded tips and yellow to amber eyes, they are felines that leave you speechless. Adults: children can't wait to play with these magnificent animals.

It is very present in parts of Great Britain, of all cat breeds for children, but it is also seen in Italy, with its warm brown fur and slightly rounded tail. The character of these cats is very helpful and docile, not particularly expansive but very correct and never aggressive or annoying.

Persian cat

This is the stay-at-home on the list of breeds of cats for children, he is a sofa animal, not only in an apartment so much he is quiet and loving the house. If you think of a pet, it is him. If there are children in the house, even more so, he shows himself calm and willing to be disturbed for a game. Even physically the Persian it is very attractive with a soft coat, a flattened muzzle and a round head. It comes from Persia, now Iran, many and many years ago: it has a lot of stories to tell as a race. And children's fairy tales, too.

Do none of these cats convince you? So better that you opt, for your children, for a nice plush, unique more meek of the breeds of cats for children tell. There is the one with a lot of kittens, Manhattan Toy, complete with kittens following. For the addicted already to the videos.

For children, and adults, who have no measure, here is the plush, Calico Cat, 35 cm German.

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