Hydrogen batteries: news on the way

Hydrogen batteries: news on the way

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Hydrogen batteries, they will arrive or are a mirage for all of us smartphone users who in the middle of the day, or earlier, find ourselves with the charge, and the mood, under our feet. It seems that the solution to our battery anxiety is coming and with it. Those who do not know the anguish that is felt when seeing "the signal" and "the percentage" of charge drop minute by minute, called after call.

The hydrogen batteries would be the turning point for that single component or almost that in all these years of increasingly "space" smartphones has never undergone substantial changes. It comes from England Intelligent Energy and it is to this start-up that we owe the feeling of relief we feel reading right now that a solution is coming. To the charge.

Long life hydrogen batteries

The hydrogen batteries they may be able to charge the phone for a week. They consist of a fuel cell capable of generating energy from hydrogen and all in very small dimensions, absolutely compatible with the necessary possibility of being incorporated into the body of a common smartphone. If desired, for those who want to overload themselves, for the most anxious or the most talkative, the hydrogen batteries they can also be added "physically" to the already existing rechargeable batteries that you already have.

We talked about the battery that feeds on hydrogen, but what about hydrogen? The cell that will be our welcome hydrogen batteries it will be filled with hydrogen powder through the earphone slot and through cartridges. These are valuable doses of hydrogen provided for distribution with the minimum duration of one week, moreover they can in turn be recharged.

An excellent move for hydrogen batteries which are already proposed in a green and not compulsive consumption perspective. Indiscretions report a cost of about $ 234 for the "first package" for hydrogen batteries, consisting of the cell and a first cartridge, but then 10 dollars should be enough to recharge the latter.

Returning to the technological side of hydrogen batteries, hosting a chemical reaction, the one that transforms hydrogen into energy for smartphones, remains of the water vapor produced in the meantime and which must be dissipated. The prototype is already equipped with an intelligent ventilation grille, on the body of the phone, which allows the water vapor not to accumulate. But why this vapor?

The chemical reaction that occurs in the hydrogen batteries it involves the transformation of hydrogen into water, but by means of oxygen. This occurs in a system formed by a catalyst and an electrolyte which, in practice, is a proton exchange membrane: it transports electrically charged ions between electrodes.

Hydrogen batteries: when will they be available

Dreaming of truly performing levels of charge duration by current standards, one wonders if sooner or later we will be able to be protagonists and users of this beautiful novelty. Applause to the start-up that created the hydrogen batteries that will change our lives, but when? A matter of decades, or will our grandchildren benefit from it?

No, the clear change of course is around the corner. The prototype of these hydrogen batteries was presented in November and we will soon be able to see it in the shop windows. Meantime Intelligent Energywith its external hydrogen charger, baptized Upp, won the gold Edison Award and an agreement was signed, rumors whisper the figure of about $ 7.6 million.

The freedom to feel energized and the joy are priceless, and the sector is worth $ 471 billion a year. There is a suspicion that the first smartphone to wear short stories hydrogen batteries it will be the next iPhone following agreements with Apple.

Hydrogen battery: photos and numbers

Always indiscretions, but let's use them to imagine and hope, they make some estimates on the performance of hydrogen batteries. There is talk of similar dimensions to 120 mm x 64 mm x 7.8mm and in any case a thickness that does not exceed 10mm thick. As for chat, they would last 130 hours on 3G while the internet would be guaranteed for 65 hours on 3G / 4G / WiFi.

If we want to watch videos in HD video, we can choose up to 76 hours of taste, if instead we "settle for" audio, we can benefit from it for 420 hours. Utopia, but if our smartphone remains on standby with the hydrogen batteries does not ask for charge for 86 days.
Hydrogen battery: video

If we want to really daydream and without effort, here is a video dedicated to hydrogen batteries that we will soon be able to have in our hands. Shivering, just click to imagine what it will be.

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