Bullmastiff: character and price

Bullmastiff: character and price

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Bullmastiff, one of the best guard dogs also excellent as a life partner, preferably with a garden available and also time: he grows fond of and does not like solitude. Recognized by the FCI in the category of Pinscher and Schnauzer type dogs, it is originally from the United Kingdom where, in ancient times, it was selected as help of the gamekeeper in catching poachers. Intelligent and insightful, 100% reliable, the Bullmastiff he is always lucid and ready for action, he fears nothing. He has all the potential to be the defense dog that any of us would like.

Bullmastiff: origins

Surely ancient, as for every molossoid, the origins of Bullmastiff they are also quite obscure but the most widespread theory sees it descended from a Bulldog it's a Mastiff. The idea of ​​this breed was born among passionate English breeders who wanted a dog that was extremely and expressly suited to guarding and fed up with being robbed.

In particular, it was us gamekeepers who were very angry with the poachers and decided to put someone on the heels of their sworn enemies. So they started with some crosses between Mastiff-Bulldog-Irish Wolfhound and Mastiff-Bulldog-Great Dane but without satisfactory results. Sam Mosley is the Englishman to whom we owe the current one Bullmastiff: at the time he took the Bulldog and Mastiff thus giving life to the Bullmastiff. The standard of this breed was officially established and recognized in 1924.

Bullmastiff: I wait

Powerful and resistant, active and balanced, the Bullmastiff is the maximum expression of the qualities of English Mastiff he was born in Bulldog. In its large size, the two breeds mix with odds of 60% and 40% respectively, giving us a dog with a powerful and symmetrical structure and a strong propensity for action. For fun and also when it comes to carrying out its true and historic task: to defend property and people.

A male specimen of Bullmastiff it has a height at the withers ranging from 63 cm to 68 cm, it can weigh from 55 to 59 kg, the females are a little shorter and weigh a maximum of 50 kg, however they are definitely large dogs. Very proportionate, however, and not clumsy at all.

Their whole physique conveys the feeling of robustness, having them like custodians it certainly gives a feeling of security, starting from the broad and deep chest, the muscular and well-rounded limbs, the square and strong head. When concentrated, i Bullmastiff they have tender fine lines on their faces, a sign that they are on alert. The ears must be in the shape of a "V", the darker eyes the better, and well spaced, the stop is marked and the nose is black and flattened, wide and very voluminous, woe betide if pointed.

Bullmastiff: brindle

There is also a brindle version of the Bullmastiff and to see him like this, he seems more aggressive with such a coat, in truth there are no differences in character and propensity to vary the color of the hair, always smooth and homogeneous in length throughout the body.

The colors allowed in the standard of the Bullmastiff I am the brindle, as mentioned, and also the fawn that we can find in all its shades, from Red to Apricot to Sand. A small white spot on the chest is also allowed, but it better not be there, instead the "mask" must appear on the muzzle, and it must be expressly black.

Bullmastiff: character

It is not a joke, I presented the Bullmastiff as a guard and defense dog among the best, and here I am to tell that for its first 12 months this animal suffers from "pathological" shyness. No, nothing sick, that's a way of saying, but his first year of life is really scary and sensitive. Then, especially if well educated and trained, the Bullmastiff it becomes dominant, especially towards other dogs of its own breed.

In order not to prolong his year of shyness and to ensure that he passes it without aftermath, it is better to get him used to being with people from an early age, in various environments, even noisy. After his shy phase he shows himself a very cheerful dog, lively and with a great desire to play, move and interact. He alternates moments of calm and patience, of carefree play, with others in which he feels at work so he is serious, concentrated and alert. With the fine lines on his face that characterize him.

The Bullmastiff he is one of the most suitable dogs for guarding but in the family he needs a lot human contact. Better not to neglect him and not to leave him alone, he feels the need for contact with his master very much and wants to stay in the same room, feeling sought after by those who he will then defend with all his strength. Active and quite resistant, the Bullmastiff he is very faithful and loyal to those who look after him.

Bullmastiff and children

The protective instinct of Bullmastiff it extends and intensifies when the object is children. In fact, all the puppies and the weak are already 100% safe in his custody, the puppies of humans even more. However, it is advisable not to leave a Bullmastiff alone with small children because, excluding a priori that he may have bad intentions, he inevitably has an important amount to manage. He may inadvertently crush or bump them, despite being smart enough to understand that he has to move with the utmost delicacy.

Bullmastiff: health and care

This dog does not need special care, also having the short hair just a brush every now and then, even to eliminate dead hair. No particular health problems are reported for this breed, in summer, like all short-jawed dogs, breathing difficulties may arise due to heat and humidity. It is therefore better not to keep a Bullmastiff in the sun and don't make him move too much, especially in the middle of the day, if we keep him wet and give him plenty to drink, it will certainly be a relief for him.

To ensure a long life, the diet must be balanced and healthy, with the right amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. We do not exaggerate with the quantities and never waste: it should not be weighed down, any imbalances can then cause stunted growth, flaking dermatitis, alopecia, halitosis and itching. To avoid being overweight it is also very important that the Bullmastiff have the opportunity to move every day, on a walk and during the day. He is truly at ease if we host him in one house with garden, in the apartment it fits, does not cause damage and is clean but is a bit tight.

Bullmastiff: puppies

Shy and fearful, the puppy of Bullmastiff then it will become a great guard dog, it is already foreseen by the characteristics of the breed. However, it is better if you immediately get used to contact with people and animals, even in noisy environments. After the first year, Il Bullmastiff he becomes a confident dog and also a tendency to dominate, up to 9 months of life, however, it is better to avoid making him go up and down the stairs since his joints are still weak and, if put under stress, they can suffer deformations.

American Bullmastiff

The breed is of English origin without a shadow of a doubt, theAmerican Kennel Club however he approved his newer breed standard for the Bullmastiff in February 1992. The dog is always the same, strong and tolerant, powerful and dynamic. For American measures, males have a height at the withers of 25 to 27 inches and a weight of 110 to 130 pounds, for females the measurements are 24 to 26 inches and 100 to 120 pounds.

Even the "American model" of Bullmastiff provides an excellent character, curious, attentive and good. Courageous defends home and family, even overseas where he prefers villas with gardens. As always.

Bullmastiff: price

The price of a puppy's Bullmastiff is about 800 euros if not more, reasonable considering that also the size, even if it is certainly not the only criterion since dogs are not sold by the kilogram. If you are choosing between a male and a female, the price does not vary a lot but it is good to know that the male is visibly larger and livelier, the female, smaller, is also quieter but humoral if she waits for the little ones.

Those who have more specimens at home recommend taking them as a couple especially if for defense. Yes, because the female usually keeps an eye on the bad guys and begins to approach them, the male takes over later and together they put an end to the domestic attack.

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