Is it possible to talk to animals?

Is it possible to talk to animals?

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The biologist and disseminator Joana Branco, shares her presentation on the fascinating world of animal communication.

Humans think that we are the only ones capable of communicating, but scientists are beginning to decipher the more subtle and hidden aspects of communication in the animal kingdom.

In some animals this communication is well studied and documented, but the mechanisms by which some species communicate are unknown.

How have some animals evolved to transmit information over long distances? How do animals use their bodies to communicate? And how can some communicate silently?

Joana Branco has a degree in Biology from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and a master's degree in Journalism and Science Communication from the Carlos III University of Madrid.

The researcher has several years of experience in primatology and a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Animal and Human Behavior, from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Since 2012, he is exclusively dedicated to journalism and science dissemination.

Along with Joana Branco's presentation on Homo curiosus, attendees have been able to enjoy the documentary ‘The secrets of animal language’ soon available on Social Networks.


Video: How to communicate with your pets (June 2022).


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