Diseases caused by mobile

Diseases caused by mobile

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Every year studies are carried out on the use that society makes of mobile phones, and the conclusion is always the same: people's mobile phone addiction increases progressively. These studies analyze the how, when and how much of mobile use. In addition, they all agree on one thing: children start to use the mobile earlier each time. But it is not necessary to read the results of any study, anyone who takes public transport will be able to see it with their own eyes: the majority of passengers are using their mobile phones for the duration of the journey, adults and children. However, although many are unaware, excessive use of the mobile phone can lead to disease.

One of the worst diseases that can arise from using the mobile phone too often is brain tumors. According to research by the World Health Organization, the risk of brain tumors increases when the mobile is used at all times. The reason is none other than the radio frequency electromagnetic fields emitted by the mobile.

Also in the head other types of discomfort may arise from using the mobile more than recommended: the eyepieces. The origin of these annoyances is in the large amount of blue light emitted by devices that are used close to the eyes. In addition, having your eyes fixed on the mobile makes you blink less: which leads to dry eyes and turn red. Eye discomfort can lead to increased pressure in the eye, blurred vision, and headaches.

Another big problem with mobile phone addiction is the lack of physical activity, since the person spends a lot of time sitting with their hands on the mobile. Lack of exercise leads to obesity, especially among children and adolescents. In fact, in Spain the youth obesity rate increases every year, despite the programs that report on the importance of sport. Such is the addiction that many young people use their mobile as if it were a computer: using the same tools, such as VPN to access content from other countries -more information about VPN What is it here-, or to play the same games that is played from the computer. In addition, according to experts, the mobile phone is gaining ground to the computer in all aspects: one example, online purchases are increasingly being made through a mobile device and not from a laptop.

But in addition to affecting the physical with problems such as obesity, mobile addiction also affects the mind. Phantom vibration syndrome appears, a sensation in which the person addicted to the mobile has the sensation that the mobile is vibrating. Surprisingly, this happens to 80% of people who use mobile very often. There is also an obsession to buy the latest mobile model on the market. Thus, mobile addicts tend to change phones more frequently. In the most extreme cases, people can spend money that they do not have to acquire the newest mobile.

The behavior of a person can also change: a mobile addict feels happy when he uses his electronic device, on the other hand, when he does not have it, he can have anxiety and even behave in a more violent way, not forgetting that some people can stop sleeping for continuing to use the mobile phone, neglecting their social relationships or having mood swings when they cannot use the mobile as much as they want, for example, due to Internet problems.

Using the mobile phone before sleeping can cause insomnia and sleep disorders. And it is that using the mobile makes a person's melatonin levels decrease more than 20%. These levels are responsible for regulating sleep, but the bright white light of the mobile reduces them. In addition, the pineal gland, in charge of producing the sleep hormone in the body, is very sensitive to light variations, so the more the mobile is used, the more it affects sleep.

The parts of the body that are used when using the mobile can also be charged, and this would lead to other diseases or problems. The neck is one of the areas that can present the most pain or discomfort: if the head is tilted for a long time to look at the mobile screen, the spine is overloaded. This area of ​​the body is used to carrying 5 kilos, but in this position it can carry up to around 30 kilos, which can lead to major problems such as occipital neuralgia, or what is the same, inflammation or atrophy of the nerves of this zone. Carpal tunnel syndrome or injuries to the tendons of the hands are also common in people addicted to mobile phones, especially those over 30 years of age.

Is it necessary to use the mobile so much?

The problems that can appear due to excessive use of the mobile make it necessary to consider whether it is really necessary to use the mobile so much. Is the mobile phone a necessity or just a habit similar to shopping to buy? Today's society is increasingly consumerist: more products are bought without needing them, more time is spent in shopping malls and there is a tendency to buy more branded products.

Perhaps, behind this consumerism lies the same problem as behind the excessive use of the mobile: the lack of awareness about what buying really contributes to buying or using the mobile at all hours. Well say the experts in their studies, we are unaware of our own motivations and behaviors. In general, the mobile phone is used for the same reason that it is bought to buy: impulsivity or to do something with free time.

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