Having a garden on the balcony is possible

Having a garden on the balcony is possible

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With a couple of planters, you can create an urban balcony garden where you plant vegetables or aromatic plants.

- Coconut fiber
- Plastic planters
- Stones
- Plants
- Substrate
- Aerator
- Brush
- Gloves
- Shovel
- Watering can
- Pruning shears

- Prepare the substrate
- Plant your garden

What can we plant?

To grow in these flower pots, the most suitable species are leafy vegetables such as lettuce, arugula, chicory, chard.

You can have some beets, mini carrots, cherry tomatoes and radishes.

It is also possible to plant some aromatics such as basil, thyme, oregano and parsley to name a few.

We can also grow zucchini, tomatoes and aubergines but in deeper pots, at least 60cm.

Other tips

Do not forget the flowers such as tufts or marigolds, they are essential to keep the garden healthy and attract pollinators and beneficial insects.

Something very important is also to keep the substrate fertilized at least every 3 months with compost or worm castings so that your plants have nutrients always available.

The best materials for your pots are wood and clay, as they keep moisture and temperature well. The plastic ones tend to overheat and affect the roots.

Thinking of a small drip irrigation system is a good option when it comes to a small space that demands more irrigation.

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