It is never too late to quit smoking. They discover the "magic" capacity of cells

It is never too late to quit smoking. They discover the

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A recent study reveals the magical ability to multiply healthy cells for lung regeneration. Quitting smoking is the beginning of an almost magical process.

Is smoking so bad that, once a smoker, the damage caused by smoking perpetuates itself over time? Not! Recent research reveals that it is never too late to quit smoking because our lung regeneration capacity is incredibly magical!

The study in question, published in the journal Nature, sequenced complete genomes of 632 colonies derived from individual bronchial epithelial cells from 16 individuals (among these smokers, non-smokers, ex-smokers and children).

The toxic substances in cigarettes cause genetic mutations, typically 1,000 to 10,000 mutations per cell. These mutations, which trigger lung cancer, were previously considered permanent or barely reversible. But this research revealed that the few cells that for some "magical" reason were not damaged by smoking could multiply and help the organ regenerate, even in long-time smokers. But only if they stop smoking.

It was not clear how healthy cells manage to save themselves from the devastation caused by smoking. But they were the ones who, remaining unharmed, after the individual stops smoking, multiply and replace the damaged cells.

As if they had not smoked

The study showed that after a person stops smoking, healthy cells multiply and damaged cells are restored: “Up to 40% of the cells of people who had quit smoking became similar to those of people who they had never smoked. "

Peter Campbell of the Wellcome Sanger Institute, one of the study's authors, told BBC News the results of the study:

“We were totally surprised by this discovery. There is a population of cells that, in a way, magically replenishes the lining of the airways. "

The study

The study findings were made through the observation, monitoring and supervision of patients who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 40 years before quitting smoking, compared with the analysis of samples of active smokers, of individuals who had never smoked and of children, to establish analyzes on a larger scale, to know what happens to the lungs of a smoker.

All of this research focused on the main airways and not the pulmonary alveoli, which are small structures responsible for airflow in the lungs. Therefore, more studies are needed in this area to expand scientists' assessments of how far the regenerative capacity of the lung organ goes.

Reasons to quit smoking

Many people believe that they have already smoked so much that it is not worth quitting, "that they will die." We hope this study will be an incentive for smokers to quit, because there are countless compelling reasons to quit - economic, environmental, and even social reasons (people are becoming more intolerant of smokers).

Also, it is worth remembering: cigarette addiction primarily affects one of the most precious and vital functions for humans, which is breathing.

HEALTH is what matters, START quitting now!

By Deise Aur, article in Portuguese

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