What is No Poo ?, the latest trend in hair washing

What is No Poo ?, the latest trend in hair washing

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The new ways of being responsible consumers also involve hair care.

A new technique called "no poo" proposes to abandon conventional shampoo and replace it with natural substances.

Myths about this new trend

The global trend towards a healthier life includes eating more naturally, neglecting agrochemicals, using less plastic and recycling.

In fact, more and more people are choosing a sustainable way of living andeco friendly.

This trend has also reached personal care and cosmetic products.

With regard to shampoos, the novelty lies in incorporating those that contain fewer chemical components into the washing routine, avoiding those that are harmful to the scalp and the environment.

In this climb to seek the healthiest, there are those who adhere to the “no poo” or “no shampoo” wave, that is, replacing the shampoo with the use of bicarbonate, vinegar, essential oils or just conditioner or balm.

However, specialists are not so in agreement. "One of the functions of the shampoo is to eliminate the fat produced by the sebaceous glands and which is a source of microorganisms that would favor infections, such as pitirosporum ovale, which causes pityriasis and other infections”Explains Dr. Velia Lemel, dermatologist.

Therefore, believing that less product means less fat, according to the specialist, is a mistake.

"The greater or lesser amount of oil and seborrhea is determined by hormonal factors and not by the frequency of washing or use of shampoo. On the contrary, many times we use these products as treatments for scalp pathologies, such as eczema, psoriasis or seborrhea.”, He concludes.

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