The "ball bugs" process heavy metals in the earth


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Pellet bugs stabilize growing conditions and protect groundwater.

Pellet bugs, also called moisture scale bugs, inhabit dark, damp places. Like stones, logs, etc., they live up to three years and play a fundamental role in nature, they process organic matter.

They are characterized by their ability to roll into a ball when they feel threatened. Another unique feature is that they have seven pairs of legs. They also act like kangaroos, carrying their eggs with them in a special bag called a pouch. Even stranger, they don't urinate. Instead, they exchange gases through bronchial-like structures.

Pellet bugs play an important role in the life cycle of plants. They return organic matter to the soil so it can be further digested by fungi, protozoa, and bacteria.

This process produces a natural supply of nitrates, phosphates, and other vital nutrients that plants need to thrive now and in future growing seasons.

A unique quality these crustaceans possess is their ability to safely remove heavy metals from the soil. For this reason, they are an important tool for cleaning soil contaminated with contaminants such as lead, cadmium, and arsenic.

They take heavy metals and crystallize these ions in their guts. Heavy metal toxins turn into spherical deposits in the midgut. With this special cleaning property, insects survive where most critters cannot, in the most contaminated sites.

Ball Bug Alchemy helps restore healthy soil and prevents toxic metal ions from seeping into groundwater. This means that they also protect well water from contamination while stabilizing soils.

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