How to make your office much greener

How to make your office much greener

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These are small and simple steps that you can take in your office, through which you can make a good contribution to the care of the environment. All we need to do is commit and do a little research, and the results will show up quickly.

Reduce electricity and water

It seems obvious, but there are ways to do it that you probably haven't even thought of. Of course, there are the best known ways to save energy, such as using electricity and water with caution, turning off the lights when you leave the room, not leaving the tap running when not in use, and installing energy-saving equipment.

But there are also other ways you can cut back! You can install “preservation mode” software on all computers for when they are on standby. Replace your bulbs with CFL bulbs, which are energy efficient and more durable than normal bulbs.

Reduce the use of paper

This may seem like an impractical approach, as the use of paper is quite necessary in an office. Although you don't need to completely stop using the paper, just use the minimum amount necessary. When you need it, buy eco-friendly paper, use recycled ink cartridges, and avoid unnecessary packaging.

Use green office supplies

Buying eco-friendly versions of everyday stationery is a simple way to reduce your ecological footprint. Whenever possible, invest in locally made, recycled, recyclable, non-toxic, and / or remanufactured products.

Search a bit and you're sure to find greener versions of everything you're using, from paper clips to ink and toner cartridges, so do your research before making any purchases. While eco-friendly stationery may cost slightly more than its conventional counterparts, think of it as an investment in the future of the planet.

Eat organic food products

Encourage the consumption of organic and local products in the office. These products are friendly to the environment and your health (even sometimes your wallet too) is practically a win-win situation. The next time you're ordering food for an office meeting, try ordering from places that use green and renewable resources.

Proper disposal of office supplies.

Office supplies like stationery, documents, food utensils are essential for the workplace, sure, but buy reusable supplies or dispose of them properly after use. Use recycling bins (we know that, but most people forget they exist) and make sure you separate the waste in the correct bins.

Use green cleaning products

Today, there are many "green" cleaning brands available that are non-toxic in nature. Try to encourage your cleaning company / cleaning team to use these products instead of conventional cleaning solutions, which often cause contamination as chemical waste.

Encourage green transportation

Use and encourage your coworkers to use public transportation, walk, bike, or carpool with your coworkers to reduce pollution. I know, I know, "Well yeah, of course" or "None of my co-workers live near me" or "Public transportation is a pain." But this will help the environment, improve your health (especially if you walk or bike), and save you a ton of money. There are even ridesharing companies today that are in the business of carpooling in the office, such as shared vans. If all your coworkers pay collectively, it's even cheaper!

Install plants

You can literally turn green by doing this. Plants absorb pollutants in the air and provide fresh oxygen for you to breathe. Plant plants whenever possible in your workplace. It will enhance the design, mood of your office and help promote a healthy environment.

Install Portable ACs

Use portable air conditioning systems for employees who need it at a precise moment. This reduces the amount of electrical energy that is wasted from central cooling systems. Why have AC running in empty boardrooms and offices?