Fintech companies: efficiency for the environment

Fintech companies: efficiency for the environment

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Firms that offer financial services through technological innovations, better known as fintech, can contribute to the development of a more environmentally friendly financial sector, reported Rubén Chávez, CEO of I lend you, online loan platform.

"The fintech sector can contribute much in this regard because it takes advantage of technology to offer more efficient financial services, not only for people, but also in terms of caring for and conserving the environment," said the manager.

According to the executive, by developing technology platforms that eliminate paperwork and dependence on physical branches, fintech companies can help reduce the environmental impact of the financial sector in the world.

"That's what I mean by being more efficient, we have to take advantage of technological development to eliminate the deterioration of resources and to replace processes that no longer make any sense. If I can do an online procedure, why do I need papers and a branch? "He said.

On the other hand, Chávez pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic has forcefully revealed the environmental impact of the activities of all productive sectors, which is why it is necessary to bet on initiatives aimed at conserving the environment.

“We have all witnessed how the isolation and unemployment of certain sectors had a positive and almost immediate impact in environmental terms. That is why I believe that this is an opportunity that we should all take advantage of, including, of course, the players in the financial industry ”, he assured.

In Mexico, when the health emergency was officially declared, financial services were considered essential, which is why the institutions in this sector have continued to operate under guidelines established by the Ministry of Health.

"Whether we like it or not, financial services cannot be stopped, but precisely for this reason it is important to take advantage of technological development to operate in the most efficient way possible and, at the same time, offer better services for people," said Chávez.

What is Yo Te Presto?

I Presto You is a platform online that connects people looking for personal credit with people willing to lend them the money they need, in exchange for a lower interest rate than those offered by traditional financial institutions.

“In other words, we directly connect people to pay less if they take out a loan, and to earn better returns if they decide to invest. It is a scheme known as p2p lending, which is a form of crowdfunding or collective funding ”, he explained.

According to the manager, the procedure to obtain a personal loan is completely online and free, since another of the objectives pursued by fintech companies that operate with this model is to offer a fairer and more efficient alternative to banks.

In almost five years of operation, more than 700 million pesos in personal loans have been delivered through the platform, most of them for bank debt transfer. It also has more than 1 million registered users.

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