Allergies: main symptoms and best treatments

Allergies: main symptoms and best treatments

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When spring comes in, and when several weeks have passed since its arrival, allergy sufferers tremble. The plants are in full bloom and pollination cycle, which leads the most sensitive people to suffer more problems from allergies. There is no cure for these, but there are remedies to treat them and, above all, symptoms to know to act as soon as possible in case there is a risk of an acute attack.

Because one allergy it can considerably affect our day to day, and because knowing how to proceed when it begins to manifest is essential. Let's see what they are the main symptoms of allergies and, of course, what are the best treatments both preventive and decisive, to stop the problems that usually cause.

Allergies, the invisible spring enemy

Itching in the nose, continuous sneezing, stinging in the eyes ... There are many symptoms with which an allergy manifests itself, although sometimes they can be confused with something as common as the common cold. To avoid confusion and to know about everything when to get to work with treatments to avoid allergic attacks Or even to use the best natural allergy products, let's start by looking at the main symptoms of an allergy.

Most common symptoms of allergies

The first thing to do is a separation. Not all allergies are the same, since some can appear as a result of an insect bite, by some medicine, due to intolerance to certain foods or even as a reaction to large amounts of dust or pollen. Knowing that there are different circumstances, we can also divide the different symptoms to take into account.

Thus, it is convenient to know that allergy to a drug usually manifests itself with itchy skin, swelling of the face, the appearance of rashes or hives, or even snorting. It is something that manifests itself mainly after the intake of a drug that causes a reaction in our body, and it is convenient to also know how to detect what it has been to stop taking it. An anaphylactic attack caused by this can be really dangerous for our health.

On the other hand, food allergy is usually reflected in urticaria, a tingling sensation in the mouth and swelling of both lips and face and / or tongue. We can also go to allergies to insect bites, which are usually seen mainly through itching, coughing, snorting, asthmatic attacks and, of course, inflammation of the affected area.

On the other hand, common allergies such as pollen or dust also usually have as symptoms shortness of breath or the appearance of hives. It is also very important to know the anaphylaxis, a dangerous reaction that appears in extreme allergy cases that can lead to loss of consciousness, extreme shortness of breath, dizziness or even a drop in pulse. If it occurs, you should urgently see a doctor to proceed with the most appropriate treatment.

Best treatments for allergies

The best allergy treatment is prevention. Being extremely careful with the food eaten and avoiding areas with a large amount of vegetation in spring are the main recommendations that can be made to any allergic person, especially if you know what are the elements that cause their reactions. Even so, in case of an attack, it is always good to know how to act to stop its impact and to be able to return to normality as soon as possible.

Above we have talked about the best natural products for allergies, and there are many specialized products that, following a regular and controlled intake, can make the symptoms of the most common allergies disappear almost completely, allowing you to lead a life with almost total normality even in the most complicated times for allergies . However, they are not the only way to go, there are also other options to take into account.

The usual is using medications prescribed by medical specialists, especially the antihistamines that serve to slow down the impact of the allergy. The problem with this type of medicine is that it can cause a great feeling of drowsiness that prevents you from carrying out your normal day-to-day rhythm. There are those that even prevent you from doing things like driving, so you have to be careful both when seeing which one you take and also when controlling the amounts of intake.

The use of lotions to stop hives, antihistamines or even natural products. Unfortunately, there are not many options when it comes to treating an allergy, as it is something that has no cure. Its symptoms can be stopped by being in clean areas, without dust or pollen, avoiding reaction-provoking foods and little else. Exercise extreme caution and act quickly are the best treatments.

By Emmanuel Tsakis

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