The Vatican suggests boycott the consumption of companies that do not respect the environment

The Vatican suggests boycott the consumption of companies that do not respect the environment

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Pope Francis is one of the most important contemporary spokesmen in the environmental fight. The pontiff has already called for the divestment of fossils and has repeatedly spoken out as a critic of global warming. This time, the Vatican is practically calling for a boycott of companies that do not respect the environment.

The Holy See published a document entitled In camino per la cura della casa comune that contains a set of global environmental guidelines. It is a text prepared in collaboration by all Vatican departments for the Church to implement concrete actions of Pope Francis' encyclical "Laudato Si", including a call to all Catholic institutions to avoid supporting companies that harm human ecology or social and environmental ecology (eg fossil fuels).

It is the first time that the Vatican has officially manifested itself in this direction. But it is consistent with the announcement that the Church is committed to abandoning fossil fuels. In May of this year, 42 institutions in 14 countries announced this commitment.

The Vatican's appeal shows that any kind of religious faith can participate in the environmental fight. The values ​​proclaimed in the document reveal an ethical sentiment towards living beings on planet Earth.

“The root of the ecological crisis is, in fact, the deep moral and cultural crisis that affects our societies, marked by an exasperated individualistic anthropocentrism that led, among other things, to alter the relationship between human beings and nature, with the consequences that we all realize now: “We move forward at full speed, feeling strong and capable in everything. Greedy for profit, we get sucked into things and confused by haste. […] We did not wake up to planetary wars and injustices, we did not hear the cry of the poor and our seriously ill planet. We continue without fear, thinking of always staying healthy in a sick world ”. We are aware that "there are not two separate crises, one environmental and the other social, but a single and complex socio-environmental crisis," the document reads.

Gisella Meneguelli, article in Portuguese

Video: Recitation of Angelus with Pope Francis. 6 September 2020. Vatican (July 2022).


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