Wonderful: A turtle filmed the Australian coral reef

Wonderful: A turtle filmed the Australian coral reef

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The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is home to nearly 6,000 species and the largest coral reef in the world. Located in northwestern Australia, the marine park stretches over 3,000 kilometers in length. Its dimensions exceed the Wall of China and make the Great Barrier the only grouping of living organisms visible from space.

The environmental association WWF is on the Queensland coast investigating the consequences of pollution levels on turtles in a project in conjunction with conservation groups in the area and universities.

As part of this project, a small GoPro camera was carefully attached to the shell of a green turtle, to further understand the behavior of this species once they are released back into their environment after being tagged.

Video: A DAY ON THE GREAT BARRIER REEF. Crystal Clear Waters Meets A Drone! (February 2023).