Colombia: first country in Latin America to ban cosmetic tests on animals

Colombia: first country in Latin America to ban cosmetic tests on animals

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Colombian President Iván Duque has just approved Law 2,047, which prohibits testing of cosmetic products on animals.

With this law, Colombia becomes one of the almost 40 countries in the world that has already abolished the use of animals in cosmetic tests, being the first in Latin America.

The law also restricts the importation and marketing of cosmetic products tested on animals and will take effect in 2024. To comply with it, the government will create incentives for national laboratories and scientific institutions to develop alternative methods to animal testing for cosmetics.

These incentives will come from funds from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and will be applied during the 15 years following the promulgation of this law.

But, sadly, there are still loopholes in this law, due to two exceptions:

  • When there are no alternative tests validated by the international scientific community to prove the safety of an ingredient that may pose a risk to health or the environment.
  • Or when testing the safety of the ingredient for a purpose other than cosmetic.

However, the international organization Animal Defenders considers the approval of this law an advance that will save the suffering of countless animals.

According to this NGO, these tests include repeated toxic doses of products to observe long-term toxic effects. To do this, animals can be forced to inhale, ingest or even apply these products to the skin, exposing them to extreme suffering in unnecessary and unreliable tests.

In addition, there are already alternative methods that avoid the problem of differences between species in their reaction to substances, generating misleading results. The use of advanced technology makes this possible and produces effective results for humans.

Jan Creamer, president of Animal Defenders International sees the approval of this law as a historic step that can influence other Latin American countries:

"Thank you, Colombia, for leading the way in Latin America, we hope to see other nations taking similar steps," he said.

We hope that more countries will end animal testing!

By Deise Aur, article in Portuguese

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