Street food: foods and festivals

Street food: foods and festivals

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Street food, because the world is evolving, not only is it in a hurry - so it's better to eat on the street, while running here and there - but it has also rediscovered a new desire for share public spaces while eating outdoors. Without detracting from the "sacred" tradition of the laid table, with so many diners and dishes cooked properly, we do not exaggerate in the other direction either by condemning a priori Street food. There are interesting recipes and not necessarily eating like this, it means eating in a hurry or badly, on the contrary! You can very well alternate traditional meals and "street" meals taking the good, and the goodness, of the two ways of eating.

Street food: what it means

Speaking of Street food it is necessary to deal with a new approach, the relationship we as a people have with food and in Italy is not an easy thing. It is not impossible, however, and the facts prove it, since more and more people eat Street food and attend dedicated events.

If initially it might have seemed a fashion, today it is clear that it is not, it is becoming an opportunity for many to undertake too an innovative restaurant business without all the burdens that opening a restaurant or bistro entails. Just a half equipped, better if also aesthetically intriguing, a concept that takes you by the throat e fresh and quality raw material.

Street food: foods

Who thinks that Street food can only offer sandwiches and pizza by the slice, you are wrong. Apart from that it really depends on which sandwiches and which pizza by the slice! But let's move on to explore what are the alternatives that are today on the square, with the Street food.

Around Italy we can find numerous traditional local recipes that often do not know each other living elsewhere even if in the same country. It is interesting to be intrigued by wandering the streets and stalls, tasting a different Italy from the one we usually live in: sandwich with Sicilian spleen, tripe with lemon from Campania, Romagna piadina, Roman Maritozzi and so go to every corner of the country.

Going beyond borders, at least with taste, thanks to Street food we can eat the samosas, from India, fried and spiced morsels stuffed with legumes, vegetables and potatoes, or i churros Spanish. Besides kebab, felafel and hummus, they are also found around tofu fried, sold in chunks from the East, i souvlaki from Greece, hot dogs and milkshakes from the USA and fish and chip from England, while delicious from France crepes, sweet and savory.

Street food festival

There are numerous local festivals dedicated to Street food, "STREEAT - Food Truck Festival"Instead it is itinerant and with free admission tour Italy organizing 3 days of "quality food on wheels" bathed in Italian craft beers, natural wines, cocktails and fruit and vegetable centrifuges. In 2017 he stopped for example in Rimini, Udine, Milan, Pordenone, Mantua and Bergamo, but not only.

Street food: Rome

In the capital there is no shortage of classic taverns but not even Street food to the delight of both tourists and citizens. A good sandwich with sausage, with "sarciccia"indeed, it is taken from Orfeo (via Tiburtina), while the pizza from the oven from the "Pizza del Forno" in Campo de 'Fiori (Piazza Campo de' Fiori). A classic Roman street food is il supplì and the best can be found in Supplizio (Via dei Banchi Vecchi) or at the Casa del Supplì (Piazza Re di Roma).

Street food: Milan

In Milan, street food is great but not only because people are in a hurry, also because in this way they can eat well, sometimes even on a bench or enjoying the strolls of others in the square. In the local “Al Mercato” they are located delicious burgers, in via Sant’Eufemia, while in Piazza Castello do not miss the famous sandwiches "Al Politico", with a menu that makes you laugh as well as making your mouth water. Those who prefer ethnic flavors, "Corey's Soul Chicken", with American chicken, in via Paolo Sarpi.

Street food: Naples

Whether on the street or at the table, in Naples you eat well and that's it, between zeppole, panzarotti and other fried foods. A fry to try is the historic Friggitoria Vomero (via Cimarosa), while those who love sweets can make a trip to the historic Pintauro (via Toledo) for typical Neapolitan sfogliatella. In Naples Capatoast (via Bernini) is also having a lot of success with its numerous and original toast, genuine, fast and at a good price.

Street food online

For those who go in search of Street food online, there is Streeteat, the first European food truck aggregator where those who want to give visibility to their food truck can find a place, also available as an app, full of services.

For those who want to cook instead Street Food recipes at home, there is the book "Street food. The best street food recipes by Paolo Rizzo. This text explores the many possibilities and the numerous tastes to be tasted, between tradition and creativity, explaining ingredients and procedures. It is also a way to get to know today's "Italy at the table".

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