Colored cream: face and legs

Colored cream: face and legs

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Colored cream, more and more effective and performing, more and more able to respond to the needs of those who use it and who want to have a good complexion by letting the skin transpire naturally. And that the skin color looks natural, not like it was carnival. +

Every summer, and even more frequently, they go out new formulas of colored creams, especially appreciated by those who have a hectic life and in busy days they still have the worry or the need to show a beautiful skin, "colored" the right.

In summer, but not only, many women can't stand foundation which can give a feeling of heaviness, or can be poorly tolerated by the skin, particularly if it is dry or sensitive. Colored creams are an excellent solution.

Face tinted cream

The face is the first place where you usually use colored creams because, even if you have the rest of the body with masked pallor, what appears on the cheeks, it is inevitable to show it. And then, at the first impact with a person, you look at each other, if the complexion is excellent, better.

There are textures on the market that meet everyone's tastes and that, at the skin level, they resist stress, heat and constant touches, from morning to evening. Much more than the foundation does, which instead has little resistance to sweat and heat. In summer, it is good that the transpiration of the skin is not hindered by low quality products or with intrinsic characteristics that do not leave the pores free to breathe.

Avene colored cream

Among the many products available, one of the best is the Avene tinted cream, also available in the protective sunscreen version. On Amazon we find it at 15.60 euros, in a 50 ml package.

Colored hair creams

There are colored creams also to be applied to the hair, the logic of use is similar but obviously they are totally different products. They must not be exchanged! Creams of this type are used when you want to change your hair color but you want to do big operations with dyes and bleaches.

There are coloring creams even semi-permanent that moisturize the hair thanks to a natural complex based on seaweed, aloe vera and wheat germ, for example, so there is no need to fear that our hair will be affected by our colorful fantasy.

Moisturizing tinted cream

Let's go back to using the tinted cream on the face. One of the concerns of those who have never used one is that the skin will be damaged. In reverse opting for the cream, instead of other products that give color to the skin, you can be sure that it is it will moisturize the surface eliminating the most evident redness.

However, it should be clarified that a colored cream does not cover pimples, scars or discolorations which instead require the use of strong products, designed ad hoc. As soon as you start spreading a colored cream on your face, you immediately realize that it has a consistency not able to cover pimples, indeed, it is very transparent and light, natural, and with a range of colors to choose from that certainly wants to respect our characteristics. Otherwise it ends up looking ridiculous.

Colored leg cream

If we love to wear skirts and dresses in the summer we cannot focus only on the complexion of the face. Imagine the face of someone who has been at the beach for a month and the legs of someone who has always been in Greenland. To feel comfortable just use the colored cream also on the legs always making sure that the chromatic result is natural.

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