Yellow cervical mucus

Yellow cervical mucus

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Cervical mucus, nothing has to do with colds and flu, with constipation from winter sickness, it is the substance that has the filter function in the female reproductive system. It contains particularly dense meshes that in the infertile period hinder while in the days of fertility they favor the passage and nourishment of spermatozoa by “selecting” them on the basis of good quality.

Cervical mucus before the period

Cervical mucus is produced by the glands located in the cervical canal, it serves primarily to protect, because it acts as a plug for the cervical canal in order to close the passage between the vagina and the uterus. In this way it hinders bacteria and all foreign organisms and prevents them from entering the uterine cavity.

Only in the days of ovulation and just before cervical mucus it stops hindering the spermatozoa, for the rest of the cycle it is impenetrable. When there is enough mucus or it is of a lower quality than necessary to carry out its own filter function, fertilization can be compromised and not happen as planned.

Yellow cervical mucus

Depending on when you look at it, the appearance of the mucus changes a lot and also its consistency varies. It is hindering, when it comes to blocking the sperm, it is instead fluid in the period in which it has to help the better sperm to advance.

The yellow color of the cervical mucus, therefore, it can be noticed in some of the periods of the cycle, each woman learns to recognize the recurring changes and any abnormalities. In general it has one specific composition which was identified: water (92% in the infertile period and 98% in the fertile period), glycoproteins, amino acids, sugars, electrolytes and proteins of various kinds.

White cervical mucus

First yellow, now white: let's see what the types are of cervical mucus that we can recognize and describe. There is mucus sticky, similar to dry glue, which crumbles and breaks very easily, usually is white or yellowish, but opaque.

The mucus creamy it looks like a hand cream or mayonnaise, the color is yellowish of this sauce and it is not very elastic. The watery cervical mucus it is clear and transparent, like water, the egg white one instead it is particularly elastic but transparent, with shades between white and pink, and is the one that indicates greater fertility.

Cervical mucus in pregnancy

The variations concerning the cervical mucus are important to identify the initial and final phase of the fertile period, it is necessary to observe them both quantity and quality to understand what stage you are in.

In preovulatory phase, with so many estrogens, the mucus is fertile, elastic and stringy, egg white, coincides with a wet sensation, then at the moment of ovulation the quantity decreases and, after the follicle rupture, a sudden change in appearance occurs mucus. From clear and racy, becomes yellow and lumpy. Or it disappears for a few days.

Cervical mucus: diet

There are some useful pointers concerning the power supply and which can help women increase, if necessary, the production of mucus. It is important to drink plenty of water, grapefruit or other citrus juice is also excellent. As for daily habits, it is advisable not to do internal washing and do not use panty liners that absorb moisture.

Here is a recipe for one to finish citrus smoothie that can do for us. One orange, peeled, cut in half, a quarter of a peeled and seeded lemon, 85 grams of pineapple, peeled, cubed, 60 grams of frozen mango and 130 grams of ice cubes.

Put all the ingredients inside the blender jug ​​in order of appointment above, then just operate the appliance at moderate speed and gradually increase it to the maximum level. One minute is enough to obtain the desired consistency and then we just have to enjoy the result.

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