Alternative uses of aluminum foil

Alternative uses of aluminum foil

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Alternative uses of aluminum foil: to clean silver, to sharpen scissors, etc. aluminum sheets are also widely used in the home.

Tinfoil is undoubtedly a very popular product used in the kitchen. We use it for various types of packaging, especially for wrapping food, before putting it back in the refrigerator. It is a 100% reusable material. In fact it is aluminum, and as such, it must be collected in the collection together with the cans, even if dirty with food residues.Once collected, it will then be transformed into liquid aluminum, through a high-temperature melting process, to be reused again at the production of new packaging.

Apart from its classic use, aluminum foil can be used for alternative uses, which will make some household chores much easier. On this page we will show you several alternative uses so that you can make good use of them whenever you deem it necessary.

To sharpen scissors

If our scissors are no longer sharp enough, we can take a piece of aluminum paper, fold it in half and, once we have a slightly thicker sheet, cut it repeatedly to sharpen the blades of the scissors.

To polish silver

When the silver objects begin to have an opaque appearance, we can cover a container with a large piece of aluminum paper, pour a little hot water into it, then add a little salt. Then we will immerse the objects that we want to clean and leave for about 20 minutes. The effect will be extraordinary!

To clean pots

Take some aluminum foil and crumple it to make a big enough ball. Once this is done, use it to polish burnt pots or food stains.

To remove fat from the oven

Instead of the classic steel scouring pads, which are a little too aggressive, take a ball of aluminum foil and rub it on the surface of the oven where the fat is left. Sprinkle a lemon and bicarbonate solution, let it dry for five minutes. Once this is done, pass the aluminum again to polish it.

To cover the cakes so as not to burn them in the oven

When preparing a cake to bake in the oven, it is normal for the edges to burn, even if it is not cooked inside yet. To prevent this from happening, cover the cake with aluminum foil before putting it in the oven.

To clean the iron

Over time, the iron gets dirty and ends up being covered with a black layer that can ruin the clothing. To restore the iron to its original state, place an aluminum foil on the table, sprinkle it with salt then use the iron as if you were ironing aluminum.

To preserve fresh food

If you want to keep bread, biscuits or any other baked goods longer, you can wrap them in several layers of aluminum foil as soon as you get home. In this way they will be very fresh, as if they had just come out of the oven.

To run cells or batteries

Sometimes toys or some appliances that run on batteries stop working because one side of the battery gets deformed and no longer makes contact. To solve this problem in minutes, you can fold a piece of aluminum foil, cut it to the right size and place it where the stack should make contact. Make sure you fit the battery well and then turn the device back on.

To clean the kitchen grill

To get rid of food remnants sticking to the grill surface, wait for it to cool and then rub it vigorously with a large piece of aluminum foil.

To prevent rust stains left by kitchen wool

The moisture that remains trapped in the metal scouring pads favors the oxidation of objects. To prevent them from staining the surfaces on which you place them, cut a rectangle of aluminum paper and place it under the sponge. Try to change it at least every two days, so that it does not retain bad odors and mold.

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