Are you safe at home? The hidden danger of geopathic stress

Are you safe at home? The hidden danger of geopathic stress

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I have worked for almost 20 years in the fields of energy healing and geomancy (Earth energies) and have found that in most cases of illness, geopathic stress can be found in the home.

Earth has a natural frequency of 7.83Hz, known as Schumann Resonance, which corresponds to alpha brain waves in humans. When this frequency is unbalanced by other energies (whether natural or artificial) OUR balance can be lost. Our immune system can be weakened, thus inviting any number of diseases to enter. NASA had to develop ground pulse generators to mimic this natural frequency on spacecraft after discovering that astronauts lost tone and body mass living without the 7.83Hz frequency.

I have worked for almost 20 years in the fields of energy healing and geomancy (Earth energies) and have found that in most cases of illness, geopathic stress can be found in the home. When these energies re-harmonize in the environment, the human body has a better chance of healing, regardless of the type of disease.

In 1929, Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, a German scientist, discovered that all cancer cases in the city of Vilsbiburg corresponded to people who slept in areas of high geopathic stress. Many other researchers have found similar results, with Dr. E. Hartman MD theorizing that cancer is a localization disease caused by geopathic stress.

In my own experience, I have always found that where there are high levels of geopathic stress there is disease. Research and personal experience also show that when geopathic stress is balanced, disease can disappear. The human body is an incredible healer and self-correcting when it is in harmony with the environment.

Geopathic stress comes in many forms, such as Earth's electromagnetic lines, bad water lines, faults, or ley lines. When they are unbalanced, they alter the Schumann resonance and therefore our own frequencies. When two or more unbalanced natural energies intersect, they can cause high levels of geopathic stress.

To this is added the artificial electromagnetic contamination of radio waves, microwaves, WiFi, etc. This electromagnetic pollution alone has a negative effect on the body, but when combined with geopathic stress the results are multiplied.

Fifteen years ago you could always find geopathic stress in a home related to illness, but today illnesses seem to be of greater intensity. If before a cancer patient could be given three years to live, now it is three months. I think this has to do with the large amount of electromagnetic pollution that we are now exposed to wherever we go, at home, work, school, shopping centers, hospitals, etc. In von Pohl's days, the cancer patients in his experiment slept in areas of high geopathic stress for several years, but did not have the added factor of electromagnetic pollution that we are constantly dealing with today.

In relation to disease, the bed is still the most important area, as it is where we spend most of our time and where our bodies are supposed to rejuvenate. Research has found that the part of the body affected by the disease is where the geopathic stress lines intersect the bed.

About 15 years ago I worked in a house that was within sight of large overhead power lines. The client called me to see the energy in the house, as his two children were constantly ill and exhibited irregular behavior often. I found an unbalanced water line running from the direction of the power lines through the children's bedroom. Water lines may be very deep, but their energy vibrates vertically above the ground; they have been detected on top of high-rise buildings. To make matters worse, the children slept in metal tube bunks. The bed frame attracted and enhanced negative energy from the water line and power lines. It is not surprising that these children were "ragged": they were constantly beaten and did not get a rejuvenating sleep. Their bodies did not have time to heal. I balanced the water line on the property and recommended a more suitable sleeping space and ditching the metal bed frame.

The metal springs in a bed mattress can change the natural frequency and increase negative energy. British geobiologist Roy Riggs found an energetic anomaly from the metal springs in a mattress of a two-year-old boy with brain cancer. After switching to a non-spring mattress, the boy began to respond positively to the treatment.

To get a good night's sleep, it is advisable to move all electrical equipment away from the bed as much as possible, including radio alarm clocks and mobile phones. Electrical wiring running through the wall behind the head can also be a problem. Remember to check behind the wall where your head rests, as a computer, refrigerator, or smart meter could be going through the wall. Protection products are available to lessen electromagnetic pollution if you can't get away from it.

If you have a serious illness, I suggest that you move the bed or sleep in any other room for a while to avoid possible geopathic stress. Or you can learn to dowse to find negative energies yourself. Don't switch sides with your partner to "test" if she gets sick too! You need to spend a lot of time in areas of geopathic stress for your immune system to weaken, such as sleeping in such an environment or being at your desk at work (but as suggested above, things seem to speed up due to the large number of electronic devices that invade our lives).

I believe that many childhood illnesses, allergies, and emotional problems can be helped by moving the child's bed. Our children are being attacked at school with WiFi (which is prohibited in many European schools), carrying mobile phones and working with computers on their laps. They are continuously connected to the electrical network. Children can also absorb higher levels of electromagnetic radiation as their skulls are thinner and they are still growing.

Geopathic stress can occur at any time. Natural lines that have been in the land for many years can be thrown out of balance by pollutants and changes in the area, such as mining and construction. Some can spread across continents, while others are located in a smaller area. About 10 years ago I balanced the energies of a house belonging to a 50 year old couple. There was a long line of geopathic stress on the property next door, but nothing in the couple's bedroom. I was surprised to hear two years ago that the woman had died of cancer. I went back to test the area and found that the negative energy line that previously ran through the neighbor's property now ran through the couple's bedroom. In the park behind the property, two large gum trees had been felled the previous year. I think this is what caused the geopathic stress line to move.

Beds (and any physical item) can store energy. Often this energy, good or bad, has been built up over several years through intense emotion, not necessarily geopathic stress. A client who already had three children was having trouble conceiving a fourth. The couple had had no problems the first three times. When I tested the bed, I found that the old wooden headboard and bed frame stored negative energy, but the new mattress did not. The couple had recently inherited a bed from an aunt who had been infertile. The aunt's sadness at not being able to have children had seeped into the bed frame for many years. Once this energy was cleared, the couple conceived the following month.

Just a side note about the new beds: a friend had trouble breathing after buying a new mattress. I couldn't find any geopathic stress or stored energy in the bed, but my dowsing rods detected something wrong with the mattress. Ventilating the mattress for a few days to release the chemicals used in curing the foam and installing a salt lamp solved the respiratory problems. So acute illness is not always caused by geopathic stress or electromagnetic pollution, but I have found that they are generally to blame for chronic pain and illness.

Animals can often detect geopathic stress. Cats will be attracted to unbalanced energies, while dogs will actively avoid it. So if your cat has a favorite spot on your bed, try moving the bed and see what happens.

Ley lines are power lines that carry some type of communication and are generally "sent" by people. There are large ley lines that are intentionally placed in countries that connect the holy sites or have an altar placed over them to energetically communicate the message of the church to the community. The laws I come across most often are personal laws sent unconsciously from one person to another. These legends can be full of emotion and tend to hit the bed and stove, thus depleting the person of nutrition and rejuvenation. Over time, these can have a debilitating effect on the body, depending on the intensity of the emotion attributed to it. A client in her 30s developed a severe case of arthritis. After three months of trying different remedies, nothing had helped. I found a line of light hitting her bed and her kitchen. It was sent unconsciously by a lady whose cat had been euthanized at the vet. My client was the veterinary nurse who took the cat and thus became the focal point of the cat owner's pain. Together we send loving energy back to the law to the cat owner, thus closing the law. The next morning the arthritis disappeared never to return.

The energy may not be seen, but it is definitely felt and absorbed by the body. So if you suffer from chronic pain, illness, or restless sleep, geopathic stress in some form is probably a contributing factor. Make your bedroom as harmonious as possible to restore balance to the Schumann Resonance. Use visualization, pleasant music, harmonious colors, crystals, loving energy, etc. and if you still feel bad, move the bed.

By Sandy Brightman. Article in English.

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