Kigelia africana: properties and contraindications

Kigelia africana: properties and contraindications

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Kigelia africana, said sausage tree, is a plant that comes as you can guess, from Africa, and which belongs to the genus, as can be guessed in this case, of the Kigelia. Its properties and methods of use are less predictable but may interest us if we care about our health and our image.

Kigelia africana

This tree, commonly called "sausage", can also grow up to 20 meters high, its trunk is covered with a smooth gray bark that peels over the years. A very characteristic choreographic effect, given the size. In most of the areas where it grows, it is deciduous, even if in truth it has a "nature" that has always been green and remains so if it grows in those seasons when it always rains.

There kigelia africana it doesn't actually produce sausages, but fruits that are large, woody berries. Every fruit of African kigelia It can also measure one meter in length and 18cm in width, weighing 10kg. It hangs from the branches which are obviously sturdy, and remains tied by string-like filaments.

Kigelia africana: cultivation

In our parts it is not trivial to cultivate the African Kigelia which is found above all in tropical Africa, in Eritrea and in Chad, or in South Africa and Senegal, in Namibia. Its name betrays its origin from Mozambique, Kigelia in fact derives from the term in Bantu used in that area "Kigeli-kaia". In Afrikaans the plant has the name of Worsboom, which recalls what we have given it also in the West, recalling the sausage shape of its fruit.

Once opened, it has a fibrous pulp with numerous seeds and constitutes a food for various species of mammals including baboons, warthogs, elephants, giraffes, hippos, and porcupines. Through their feces, these animals spread the seeds of Kigelia africana on the territory promoting its reproduction in a completely spontaneous and natural way.

Kigelia africana: cream

Difficult to find the plant, but less difficult the cream based on extract of Kigelia africana. It is very rich in flavonoids and phytosterols so it has a antiradical, moisturizing, firming and microcirculation stimulation effect.

The cream and in general the cosmetic products that have the Kigelia africana, are able to nourish the epidermal and dermal layers, thus reducing the damage caused by exposure to the sun. The substance obtained from the sausage plant is also appreciated because fights oxidative stress from free radicals and inflammatory phenomena and because it makes the skin more elastic and toned.

Kigelia africana: oil

An alternative to cream, always based on kigelia, it is the oil. There are those who prefer this formula, while those who avoid it. Being based on the same extracts, too the oil has calming properties, ultra-moisturizing, firming, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, it is therefore used to repair the damage created by dermatitis, acne and wounds.

Kigelia africana: contraindications

If we consider the fresh fruit, it must be said that it is poisonous to humans and only if dried, roasted or fermented can it be used in local cuisine and in folk medicine. In case the idea of ​​the "poisonous" scares us, we can always opt for the Kigelia like ornamental tree: produces very showy colored flowers.

Kigelia africana: breast

In Africa and on the Cape Verde islands, the pulp of the fruit of the African kigelia is used by women to increase breast size, in particular, mothers prepared mixtures with these berries for their daughters.

Also in traditional African medicine, we find the fruit of Kigelia used to treat rheumatism, snake bites, syphilis and even the influence of evil spirits. It also makes an alcoholic drink similar to beer if it is left to ferment instead.

Kigelia africana: where to buy

If not in specialized stores, today it is difficult to buy an African Kigelia plant and above all to grow it. If you are looking for it, you can call it in various ways, including Bignonia africana, Kigelia pinnata, or abyssinica or aethiopica. Instead, it is easier to obtain kigelia products for beauty, also available on Amazon as this firming breast cream from 29 euros / 100 ml, with Ischia thermal water.

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