Dog trembling: causes and what to do

Dog trembling: causes and what to do

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Dog trembling, not necessarily out of fear. There are also a thousand other reasons behind a shaking dog. Better to explore them because this attitude it can be the symptom of a disease or a discomfort to be investigated. Therefore, let us not neglect this attitude.

Dog shivering and not eating

Sometimes the tremor of an animal is associated with other symptoms that can make us suspect diseases, more or less serious. If a dog, in addition to trembling, shows itself inappetent, most likely it is not feeling afraid and not even cold. IS' much more likely that he had a very short time trauma or that he is in pain for some mysterious reason to be investigated with the help of the veterinarian.

If we take it for granted that the shivering dog is just a fearful one, we may find ourselves neglected a bigger problem that progresses and gets worse.

Dog trembling: causes

Found that there are some breeds where the quake is practically physiological, like the Pinscher or the Italian Greyhound, it is always good to ask yourself why a dog trembles and if, together with the tremor, there are obvious other symptoms of malaise.

The causes can be both physical and psychological. There are deadly diseases that can hide behind the tremor or very simple ailments of passage. A poisoning or a neurological problem, a strong fright or a moment of uneasiness that is badly managed Let's contact the veterinarian to find out what weight to give to a shivering dog and, if so, what tests to undergo the animal to further investigate.

Dog trembling: what to do

Therapy depends on the cause and there are no general ones to implement in front of a dog that trembles: it would risk creating damage and exposing the animal to serious risks. If the cause is hypoglycemia or hypocalcemia, the acute phase must first be resolved, then the reasons for the imbalances must be investigated, proceeding cause by cause and excluding a long series.

When i tremors are due to poisoning, we must be prompt in intervening, running immediately to the vet, at other times the dog that trembles from metabolic or organic causes for which there is no huge rush but it is always necessary to intervene.

Finally, if the reason is related to fear, we can begin to reassure the dog with the methods we know but if you do not see any effect, without waiting for months and months, we can contact a behavioral veterinarian to try to understand what lies behind the terror we read in the little body of our animal.

Dog shivering and vomiting

In addition to not eating, a dog can also throw up. And also tremble. It could be a poisoning. Some poisons that often cause tremors are for example organochlorines, metaldehyde, carbamates, strychnine which cause tremors and convulsions.

If the dog runs around in the garden, the danger of poisoning can also lurk in some mushrooms, sometimes toxic also for man. Tremors can also be caused by ticks or a neurological distemper, an epileptic seizure or a congenital disease. There are inflammatory, degenerative or cancerous neurological problems which can cause tremors.

Dog trembling and panting

A dog that is shivering may also show some respiratory difficultieswhich may lead us to suspect that he has a fever or that he is suffering from a discomfort related to the lungs. Most likely we can exclude that there are at the base arthritic problems or osteoarticular diseases, unless specifically the limbs are shaking.
A dog's panting can also be a symptom of metabolic problems or abnormal blood values.

Dog shivering from the cold

Having established that cold, together with fear, is not the only cause for which a dog trembles, there are cases in which it is. And then we just have to bring a dog dress or jacket. Now on the market there are the most varied models, for every size and every taste. We can also buy online waterproof jackets with accessories that make them visible even at night at a price ranging from 14 to 20 euros.

Dog trembling in sleep

A dog who is shivering in his sleep, if he has no health problems, is cold or is dreaming intensely. We'll never know, we can't ask him, but what if when he wakes up he is fine, we can be calm.

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